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Whooping cough

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Tallmum Mon 21-Jul-08 14:04:40

12 week old has got whooping cough which is horrible to watch on someone so young. Health profs say nothing you can do to ease it and it will last 100 days. Anyone had experience of it or now of anything that helps?

Beeper Mon 21-Jul-08 21:28:49

so sorry your child has whooping cough. Was he vaccinated? The vaccination for whooping cough is notorioulsy ineffective.

I have no experience apart from having it myself at 9. This is from a book called 'how to raise a vaccine free child'

I would reccomend that if you can you should keep your baby on your shoulder upright during the coughing fits. You must keep a baby upright or it could choke if it vomits. I suggest that you have the baby in with you at all times. Feed your baby right after a fit and dont wait, its important to get the nutrients into the baby. If you are b/feeding make sure that you have plenty of vitamin C in your diet. Keep the baby warm in the early stages the first two weeks as they can get ear infections. If your baby cannot breath or goes blue go to the hospital. Dont use cough medicines they dont work and can cause more harm than good.

I remember myself feeling quite ok when i was not coughing but i remeber it so well because I missed all the summer holidays. Even when I had had it 7 weeks going outside in a breeze made me cough. It's good old fashioned nursing and care that gets you through it. Try to get someone to come over in the day so you can get a sleep, your going to have a lot of broken nights.

God bless and I hope you get over it quicker than 100 days.

I also have a 12 weeks old

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