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Woman pregnant with QUADS while on mini-pill

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RTKangaMummy Mon 07-Feb-05 09:27:07

She has 7 month old baby

and was taking Mini-pill

but is now pregnant with QUADS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RTKangaMummy Mon 07-Feb-05 09:31:07

news story here

I saw them on GMTV this morning

Hulababy Mon 07-Feb-05 09:32:39

Oh my word! Wow! I really hope it all goes well for her and there are no complications.

vict17 Mon 07-Feb-05 09:33:37

I hope she has lots of people to help her!!

RTKangaMummy Mon 07-Feb-05 09:40:01

One of the families I was a nanny to in Canada had an 18 month old and then was pregnant with triplets, Anna and Catherine were identical and Beatrice wasn't. That was without treatment.

The mum on GMTV did mention they may be making a complaint about not being told that she could get pregnant with mini pill.

Kelly1978 Mon 07-Feb-05 09:46:53

I read she was planning to abort until she found it was quads. If she didn't want one baby, i wonder how she is going to cope with up to 4. I do feel so sorry for her tho, I'm finding a twin pregnancy sheer hell!

suedonim Mon 07-Feb-05 15:24:26

A friend of our ds2's and his gf found she was unexpectedly pg and were going to terminate but changed their mind when she found out it was twins. She and her now dh have coped really well with the babies, their first. As they say, they've never had a single baby so looking after twins is normal to them and they reckon that parents of singletons must be bored stiff, as just one must be so easy to care for! Lol and

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