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Anyone else? or is it just me (periods)

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Gwenick Mon 07-Feb-05 00:00:47

It's that dreaded time of the month again and was just wondering if I'm 'odd' or whether anyone else is like me.

Right at the start of my period almost every month I the runs. It doesn't last long - maybe the first day and then goes. Sometimes it starts just before my period comes on, sometimes just after but I almost always get it.

None of my offline friends (that I'm close enough to ask ) get it so I am wierd (ok yes I know I'm odd) or is anyone else going to admit to this too???

Sorry if TMI!!!

fairyfly Mon 07-Feb-05 00:06:17

My poos go softer, looser, feel quite constipated the days before.Then with both of the functions going on at the same time i feel let free as if i've lost a stone in a week and quite like it. (Anyone that knows me can we not chat about this when we see each other, much appreciated)

goreousgirl Mon 07-Feb-05 00:06:53

Me too - goes with the tummy pains preceding it - it's OK you're normal (I think)!

lucy5 Mon 07-Feb-05 00:10:23

me too unfortunately and when thats over I just want to hit people or blub for 3 hours.

fairyfly Mon 07-Feb-05 00:12:23

yes, least of my worries, i get more concerned with crying at trailors for water filters and asking my friends if i look fat

Gwenick Mon 07-Feb-05 00:12:27

Phew glad it's not just me.

DH loves teasing me about it as it's usually HIM spending 1/2hr on the loo and having to use half a tin of air freshner (srry TMI again LOL).

lucy5 Mon 07-Feb-05 00:13:48

or should that be "pooh "gwenick, hahaha

redsky Mon 07-Feb-05 00:20:26

me too gwenick. also my pms symptoms are different every month - can be very angry, very tearful, very tired, or fairly sick and crampy. Funny how it is always one of these, never a combination. The sick/crampy one is the easiest to cope with.

bobbybob Mon 07-Feb-05 03:41:12

My mum had the same (until hysterectomy) and I get a lesser version. With my mum we literally had to make emergency stops all the time!

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