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toddler bad breath

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Rachie97 Sun 20-Jul-08 10:08:58

My 20 month old daughter has had bad breath for the past couple of days but also a temperature over 38 degrees, don't know if the two are realted but she is also teething with her toddler teeth,

wouldd be grateful for any light shed

FluffyMummy123 Sun 20-Jul-08 10:09:35

Message withdrawn

mankyscotslass Sun 20-Jul-08 10:12:12

Yes linked, I usually notice the dc's breath is bad when they have tonsilitis. Although the first couple of times I never made the connection and sent them to brush their teeth and tongues! blush

piratecat Sun 20-Jul-08 10:12:40

my d always gets smelly breath before a bug/illness/unspecified poorly attack.

DontNeedAnything Sun 20-Jul-08 10:19:26

Yes linked.

Sounds like some sort of infection of the mouth or throat.

My DDs have all had foul breath to accompy the a number of ailments which are all accompanied with a fever e.g. Strep throat
coldsores inside the mouth (particularly hideous breath with this one).

Can you see anything in the mouth or throat?

Rachie97 Sun 20-Jul-08 10:29:04

she won't let me look, but i can feel the shape of one of her teeth just under her gum.

VictorianSqualor Sun 20-Jul-08 10:36:02

DS had really bad breath that got continually worse.
It started when eh was a bit poorly, but was still there even after he got better.
We took him to the doctors and our GP pulled a massive piece of rotten cotton wool out of his nose.
If it doesn't go when she gets better take her to see the GP, there may be something she has put up her nose.

Rachie97 Sun 20-Jul-08 10:53:28

thanks, will take her to docs tomorrow get her checked out.

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