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can chicken pox start on knees and bottom?

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kjaysmum Sun 20-Jul-08 09:42:36

Ds has red spots with small head on them on his bum for a couple of days and tonight they appeared on his knees, has been a bit grumpy today but no temperature, lots of chicken pox going around in our town right now but I thought they were supposed to start on the torso, any suggestions please?

babyignoramus Sun 20-Jul-08 12:30:16

My sisters chickenpox spots started on her legs. So it could easily be that!

They are also supposed to appear behind the ears early on - maybe check there?

kjaysmum Mon 21-Jul-08 06:14:57

thanks babyignoramus, they seem to have gone right down to little red dots under the skin now, so quess it can't have been chicken pox, am guessing it was an allergic reaction or something like that, he seems to be fine now though so I'll just keep an eye on things.

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