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My dad's melanoma is much worse.

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Gingerbear Sun 20-Jul-08 05:34:52

He had an op at the end of April. Had another one two weeks ago. The melanoma is spreading at a fast rate. His scalp is covered in huge black tumors.
He had his first chemo session on Tuesday last week. It has spread to his blood.
I feel bloody helpless.
Thank god for mumsnet, where I can vent and blub without upsetting my mum or dad.

Gingerbear Sun 20-Jul-08 05:35:50

And we go on holiday for two weeks tomorrow, and I just don't want to go.

MmeBovary Sun 20-Jul-08 06:04:34

Oh poor you, and poor him! sad

I can understand you're worried about going when he is so poorly, but I'm sure that he would hate that you spent all your time worrying rather than enjoying what is probably a much needed break.

Califrau Sun 20-Jul-08 06:07:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Gingerbear Sun 20-Jul-08 07:02:38

I am going to see him this morning. I need to try and be strong, and make him smile.

ThingOne Sun 20-Jul-08 10:44:40

Yes. Be strong and make him smile. Sorry to hear this.

Carmenere Sun 20-Jul-08 10:48:04

Good luck with your visit GB. Could you stay behind and send your dh with the dcs on holiday?

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