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Diet/nutrition and cancer - advice please

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scanner Sat 19-Jul-08 21:16:45

We have someone in our family who has recently been diagonsed with cancer and it's spurred dh and I to re-look at our diet. We know what the standard healthy eating plan is ie. low in fat, min 5 fruit & veg, limit red meat, alcohol and get fibre. However are there specific foods that are particularly good for cancer prevention? Any advice would be great as I have an increased risk of breast cancer and now this new one and we're attempting to be sensible - for once.

ThingOne Sat 19-Jul-08 22:26:40

No food is related to cancer prevention. Eating a healthy balanced diet avoiding certain "nasties" reduces your chances of getting certain cancers. Some people swear by certain foods or supplements but there is usually only a small study behind every suggestion, rather than any concrete evidence.

Even if you eat perfectly you cannot rule out getting cancer. I was brought up eating fresh, healthy food with lots of wholegrains and lots of veg. I ate the ideal "reduce your chance of bowel cancer" diet for forty years yet I still ended up with it. Not all cancer is lifestyle related.

scanner Sun 20-Jul-08 08:39:10

Thanks ThingOne, I guess we are a little frightened by recent events and are probably looking for the miracle preventative food - just like a lot of others.

MummyDoIt Sun 20-Jul-08 09:09:35

There's a book called 'Say No to Cancer' by Patrick Holford which contains exactly this advice. It even has recommendations for specific cancers. You might find it useful.

ThingOne Sun 20-Jul-08 17:18:11

Funnily enough this was Ben Goldacre's column this week!

I meant to give you this link about a place which has pioneered complementary treatment for people with cancer which is obviously a different thing but you may still find it interesting. They basically advocate no red meat, dairy & caffeine free, lots and lots of veg. They told me to "eat a rainbow" of veg which is pretty sound advice and benefits everyone. If only anybody else in this house actually like beetroot <sigh>. I wasn't so convinced about the soundness of their reasoning for avoiding dairy (I don't eat much any way). I don't eat red meat and I lied about the caffeine as everybody needs one vice.

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