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has anyone had an op to widen sinus?

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southeastastra Sat 19-Jul-08 19:53:20

what's it like?

hartwithateart Sat 19-Jul-08 20:01:38

my gran had this - she had both done (th eones in her forehead) she had lots of staple things in after, but not sure if she had anything else done while she was in. she was in for about 2 weeks i think (shes 83 though)

it sadly didnt solve problem.

why is it you need it done? she needed it cos she kept getting this lump thing in her forhead, with gung in it and it was cos her sinuses were blocked and not draining down so had to be widended.

Carmenere Sat 19-Jul-08 20:06:09

I nearly had it SEA as I suffered for years. the doc said it is very painful and not very high success rate. He gave me a referral but he said before I made the appointment i should just try some heavy duty anti-histimnes and a nasal spray in case it was an allergy. It was. I can't tell you what a difference this has made to me, I used to lose maybe a week every six weeks to being ill in bed with a sinus infection/pain and now if I feel it coming on, an anti-histimine sorts it out. Thank God for a forward thinking gp, I have sat in front of loads of them and he was the only one who suggested an allergyhmm.
Is there any way it could be an allergy for you?

southeastastra Sat 19-Jul-08 20:07:42

no it isn't caused by an allergy. not a high success rate oh no

Carmenere Sat 19-Jul-08 20:08:57

No they say that it should only be a very last resort.

southeastastra Sat 19-Jul-08 20:10:38

guess i'm a last resort, this was cause by a puncture to the sinus from a tooth. keep getting bad infections

Carmenere Sat 19-Jul-08 20:11:10

Would it be worth trying anti-histimines? You never know what you could be allergic to, with me it is dusthmm but my brother is allergic to certain trees but doesn't have hay fever. there are all kinds of airborne things like mould ect that can irritate you.

Carmenere Sat 19-Jul-08 20:11:40

Oh jaysus that sounds awful, you poor thing.

southeastastra Sat 19-Jul-08 20:15:08

maybe i could try antihistimines though. they might make a difference. really don't want an op on my nose but seen consultant and they seem to think that's what i need. going for a ct scan in a few weeks.

hartwithateart Sat 19-Jul-08 20:15:27

my grans now on a HIGH dose of antibiotics, dont suppose that would help in your case?

could you see a private ENT dr for 2nd opinion - the money for an appoitnment might be worth it here.


southeastastra Sat 19-Jul-08 20:23:28

my situation sounds like your grans tbh, thought it would be a straightforward op.

originally thought it was a polyp but consultant said it was too widened.

Jen1978 Sun 20-Jul-08 21:05:55

I had the sinuses on the right side of my nose widened a couple of years ago - took bone out of my face (only a sliver I think) and also trimmed the turbinates in my nose (fleshy bit at back of nose). It was not very pelasant at the time, but I am sooooooooooooo glad I have had it done now. My situation sounds simialr to yours, my wisdom tooth punctured my sinus and I suffered repeated infections. Immediately after the op it my nose bled for about 24 hrs and they placed gauze taped under my nose (which was attractive - not). Then i wasn't allowed to blow my nose for a few weeks. It did get infected and I had to have repeat surgery to clear the blood clots which sounds awful - but wasn't a big deal. But nowadays it is incredible - i no longer get sinusitis and really wish that i had had the other side widened at the same time!
Good luck.

southeastastra Tue 22-Jul-08 19:19:40

thanks for posting jen! feel a bit more hopeful now smile

kaballie Tue 22-Jul-08 19:30:32

I had it too! Wasn't too horrid - parts were particularly unpleasant but bearable...Enjoy the morphine. Oh, and my doc tacked on a nose job for an extra £400. I figured if I was going to be in pain might as well get something out of it!

Good luck.

southeastastra Tue 22-Jul-08 20:05:55

grin at your tacked on nose job. quite like my nose i think!

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