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Any medics out there....been told I have high protein levels in blood.......sounds bad..

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worriedandpanicky Sat 19-Jul-08 15:45:16

I would really appreciate any advice particularly if there are any Doctors on here!

Went to Gp last year (october)for various problems and had bloods taken. Was told that some of the results were 'abnormal' and I had to go back and have the tests repeated. Went back to see Gp a while later and was told that my protein levels were too high but that the second test had come back 'ok'. Thought no more of it.

Had to have some more tests a few weeks ago and went to see Gp yesterday. tests for the problem in question were ok, but Gp mentioned I had again come back as having high protein levels. Was a bit worried about this (I work in a health related field so have a little knowledge but not an expert in haematology obviously!)Gp said, well the most common cause of this is a cancer called myeloma, but the GPested you for this last year and it was 'fine'.

Was still worried about this when I got home and so (fatally!) googled it. fond lots of really scary stuff on myeloma but worst of all it seems that if you have a high level of protein with no other cause (I think they call it MGUS) then it puts you at a greater risk of myeloma for the future, about 30%. It seems to be that if you have this increased MGUS then you should be referred to a haematologist and have regulkar blood tests to monitor you.The GP didnt say anything about this!

Have now gone into a complete panick and have pretty much planned my own funeral. Ridiculous I know but I am prone to severe anxiety as it is!

Does anyone know more about this,have any experience of it or can they explain whether I have mis-interpreted what has been said to me. I will go back to the GP to discuss this but in the meantime any advice at all would be appreciated.

sallyforth Sat 19-Jul-08 16:09:14

There are various different types of protein (globulin), it sounds like you have high gamma globulin (immunoglobulin) levels (although not necessarily, could be overall protein levels which is REALLY nothing to worry about). A high gamma globulin can be monoclonal (as in MGUS) or polyclonal. If polyclonal then it is not MGUS at all and usually nothing to worry about.

Anyway you need to find out exactly what it is before panicking! If it was myeloma it is usually fairly obvious to the GP from other things in the blood picture.

Also note a lot of healthcare sites on the internet are american and they don't have GPs there like we do, which is why people have to go straight to line the pockets of the haematologists. So it may be perfectly fine for your GP to monitor you.

Don't panic... talk to your GP!

worriedandpanicky Sat 19-Jul-08 20:57:01

Hi sallyforth

thank you so much for your reply!

I was hoping it was to do with types of protein not just the amount per se.

I feel a bit calmer now, was really worried before. I will make appt to see GP again to just check what exactly they did find and what if anything needs to be done.

Thanks again!

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