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Is this unusual? Day off during period?

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BibiThree Sat 19-Jul-08 13:28:38

Since having DTs a year ago i've noticed every period I've had since lasts at least 6 days but I always have a days break around day 4. Nothing there, no dishcarge at all, no smudges when wiping, nothing. Caught me out the first few times, thought I was having a hosrt period only for it to return with gusti the following day.

This never happened before I had children - does anyone else have this?


FAQ Sat 19-Jul-08 13:29:36

Yes I have it too. Had it before DC as well. It's a nightmare - as sometimes it is just a short period but I can never tell until 2 days later LOL

vonsudenfed Sat 19-Jul-08 13:31:38

Me too - three days on, day off, back again just to fool you... Nice to think that I have a reproductive system with a sense of humour.

WeeBesom Sat 19-Jul-08 13:36:22

It happens to me a lot, can be a right pita!

Don't think it happened before I had children, wonder why that is?

MadamAnt Sat 19-Jul-08 13:39:19

Do you know what, I've been meaning to post about this for ages. YES - I get this too. Three to four days on, one day off and another two to three days on again. Bloody annoying (bloody...get it?? hohoho)

wabbit Sat 19-Jul-08 13:44:49

Ha ha yes - same here too and only began after ds!! and I was meaning to post about it too!

so it's not uncommon then... thought i was going a bit odd and am hugely worried about getting nearer the menopause... don't feel I've finished having babys yet!

Highlander Sat 19-Jul-08 16:21:54

I get it too. 2 dyas heavy, 1 day light, nothing, 4 days spotting

BibiThree Sat 19-Jul-08 18:15:43

Thank goodness! I thought my body was being weird to freak me out. I should be grateful for a day off in the middle that other women don't get I suppose smile

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Sat 19-Jul-08 18:18:35

I've always had this too. Heavy, light, nothing, then spotting.

I have no idea what it is or what it means.

WeeBesom Sun 20-Jul-08 11:17:25

Wouldn't worry about it being th menopause wabbit, I'm only 26.

Seems it is pretty common then.

lljkk Sun 20-Jul-08 11:28:36

My periods always have been like that, 3 days moderate-light on, 1 full day off, few hours of light flow on day 5.

SoupKitchen Sun 20-Jul-08 11:32:36

Thank you, I posted about this last week but didn't get any responses. I thought I truly was a freak
It is wierd though.

notasheep Sun 20-Jul-08 11:33:10

I have it too-just when you think its finished its back!

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