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Is there anything I can do to relieve a horrible cold at 24 weeks pregnant?

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suiledonn Sat 19-Jul-08 10:50:31

I have a runny and bunged up nose, nagging headache and a cough. I just took paracetamol for the headache but is there any thing else I can safely try to get some relief?

pamelat Sat 19-Jul-08 11:28:33

hot lemon ... ?

Know its a bit rubbish

Can you use vapour mists? I cant remember

Lots of bed rest mainly and water

belgo Sat 19-Jul-08 11:30:40

paracetamol, non medicated cough sweets, honey in it's own or in warm milk, sit with your head over a steaming basin of water, rest.

Colds during pregnancy are horrible. Get well soon.

belgo Sat 19-Jul-08 11:30:58

hot ribena.

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