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My grandma has just been taken to hospital with internal bleeding

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pamelat Fri 18-Jul-08 19:03:04

Should I panic?

I am home alone with my 6 month old so I cant go and visit her.

My mum and aunt are on there way.

She had a tummy exploration on Weds, I cant remember the name of it but she was in hospital having a camera having a look around and since then she has felt poorly and had diarrohea.

I spoke to her last night and she said that she felt very weak

Today, she apparantly got worse (I only have half a story but it involves an air ambulance coming for her and oxygen to try to stabilise her - all which panics me a little, and her of course, bless her). Apparently she had bleeding and not realising it.

She is in her 80's and has lots of health problems, mainly heart related, she is on warfarin and lots of other medication. She has an oxygen tank beside her bed because of heart issues.

I have tried to google bleeding from the stomach but it brings up things that i dont think are applicable.

Would you worry? Would you try and get a baby sitter or hang fire.
Instinct is telling me to stay put and wait to hear from my mum in a few hours?

I am very close to my grandma


MrsTiddles Fri 18-Jul-08 19:10:28

I'm so sorry to hear that she is going through this and that you are too.

I would hang in there til you hear from your mum and then try to go first thing tomorrow to see her if you can.

MrsTiddles Fri 18-Jul-08 19:11:20

or tonight of course, if your mum thinks so!

pamelat Sat 19-Jul-08 11:26:07

She had a heart attack "caused by the anaemia" at midnight.

she is now stable.

Managed to get to her for 1am as ospital called all family in

They say she made remarkable recovery between their call and our arrival

Fingers crossed it continues x

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