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Any natural remedies for Piles?

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anxiousmax Fri 18-Jul-08 18:36:35

Does anyone know of any natural remedies for Piles (internal).
I've tried the over the counter treatments in the past but they don't agree with me, so I am looking for an alternative cure for my little problem?

All ideas greatfully received.

biglips Fri 18-Jul-08 18:39:20

have you been to the docs?

anxiousmax Fri 18-Jul-08 18:45:56

Not recently but have always suffered from piles so i'm pretty sure thats what it is.
I've had some prescription stuff a few years ago but made me very sore (sorry if tmi)

becka1 Fri 18-Jul-08 19:12:26

Sorry for hijacking but does anyone know how you deal with an external pile? This happened after a very difficult birth and 'toilet problems' after the birth of my baby. Is there anyway of getting rid of it - it is very unsightly!

anxiousmax Fri 18-Jul-08 21:54:32

Not hijacking at all, I did have some very ggod stuff from the docs a few years ago, it worked on the piles but my skin didn't like it.

It may be that you have to ignore your blushes & get it looked at

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