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skin tags/tabs

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misdee Sun 06-Feb-05 11:10:43

anyone know if gp will remove them?

shrub Sun 06-Feb-05 11:17:22

i grew one on the side of my nose when i was expecting ds2 lovely nurse reassured me this is common in pregnancy and froze it off with liquid nitrogen - took 2 visits. think i saw the doc first but it might not be necessary - just phone reception and see what they say?

NameChangingMancMidlander Sun 06-Feb-05 11:18:48

gp should remove them without any fuss or begging on your part.

misdee Sun 06-Feb-05 11:19:11

i have about 6 on the back of my neck tho. i keep growing more and more.

shrub Sun 06-Feb-05 11:20:49

took about 5 mins each time

misdee Sun 06-Feb-05 11:21:18

did it hurt?

prunegirl Sun 06-Feb-05 11:22:21

Message withdrawn

misdee Sun 06-Feb-05 11:24:07

think its mroe genetic, my dad has them.

i had a horrible one under my eye when i was teenager. i was so happy the day it fell off.

WigWamBam Sun 06-Feb-05 11:35:28

Have a chat with your GP, they can remove them if they do minor surgery themselves. I had to have them checked out by the GP first, then make another appointment with both the GP and the nurse so that they could be frozen off.

I have a lot around my stomach, when they get large or annoying, my GP recommended that I tie cotton around them, cover them with a plaster and wait for them to fall off.

Some beauticians will remove them for you, too.

lou33 Sun 06-Feb-05 13:49:44

dh had one taken off his neck, didn't hurt at all

PrettyCandles Sun 06-Feb-05 14:05:48

I do exactly that, WWB - I get dh or my mum to tie a silk thread around the tag as tightly as I can bear (it stings nastily for a few seconds), then just wait for the thing to turn black and fall off. Takes a couple of weeks, and the ones that have been removed like that have never grown back. But I would only do that to a skin tag that was the same colour as the rest of my skin - I'd never touch a darker tag, or one in a darker patch of skin, without checking with the GP first.

Sponge Sun 06-Feb-05 15:03:36

I got lots when I was pregnant. I just squeezed the base of them very firmly with my tweezers and they'd come off.

Newyearmum Sun 06-Feb-05 16:28:26

I had some when I was pregnant and was petrified of how much it would hurt if I had them removed. But the GP did it himself and it was PAINLESS! I was so happy as I'd grown to hate them

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