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When you get older are your muscles more prone to getting pulled and twisted?

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TsarChasm Thu 17-Jul-08 20:48:37

Or is that just me? My back is always stiff and achey to varying degrees and quite often the slightest thing makes the muscles in it twist and seize up.

The other day just bending to load the washing machine started off a horrible spasm that lasted for days and I could barely move.

Now today the same thing has happened for no reason in my hip. It'll wear off, but I feel stiff all over to some extent most of the time. It feels muscular. A few months back my shoulder was just awful for about two weeks after I'd been swimming.

I'm starting to sound like a creaky old woman who can't get up without moaning in pain and hobbling about.

Anything I can take as a prevention?

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