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any1 had a dc with a virus who had a temporary heart murmour?

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crackpotdog Wed 16-Jul-08 21:00:39

almost 6 month old got bad cold/cough, went to doc today to listen to chest to see if needs anti-biotic,chest all clear but docotr said "has any1 told you he's got a slight heart murmour?" Ummm, NO!!
she said doc that checked at 1st vaccination didn't put on his notes, so may be due to virus? we are to take him back after better for her to listen in again? Yikes!!

toobusymum Wed 16-Jul-08 21:25:37

My dd (10) had that at Christmas. The A&E doctor found it when she had a raging chest infection, and said that it is not unheard of for an infection to cause a heart murmur, but to get it checked out after a couple of weeks. We did, and she was absolutely fine.

Hope this helps - it is pretty scary.

crackpotdog Wed 16-Jul-08 21:27:14

toobusy - thanks for that!!

misdee Wed 16-Jul-08 21:29:14

dd2 murmur was picked up when she was ill. she was recheked a month later and still had, and was sent for an echocardiogram, and was disgnosed with an innocent murmur.

dd1 on the other hand, hers was never picked up even when ill, i pushed for an echo for all three dd's due to dh heart problems, and it turned out she has a murmur and a leaking valve as well.

crackpotdog Wed 16-Jul-08 21:30:56

i thought a murmour is a weak/leaky valve
what treatment does dd1 have?

OverMyDeadBody Wed 16-Jul-08 21:32:44

DS has an innocent heart murmour too, it was first picked up when he was in A&E with an asthma attack. Apparantly it is quite common and kids usually grow out of it.

misdee Wed 16-Jul-08 21:36:13

a murmur is just the sound of blood moving really.

dd1 doesnht have any treatment at present. she is well and healthy. if she has dental treatment she will need a big dose of anti-biotics, thats it for now.

bamboo Thu 17-Jul-08 07:22:10

DS had a heart murmur heard in the first few days after birth. When we saw the heart specialist at 8 weeks she confirmed it had gone but said don't be alarmed if you take him to the doctors with viruses etc and they say he has a heart murmur, as it can surface again but don't worry, simply tell them he was listened to at 8 weeks and didn't have one.

MumWith2Boys Thu 17-Jul-08 09:12:35

DS1 had tonilitis at 2.8 and with it "an innocent heart murmur". All clear at follow up appt a few weeks later smile

He's had loads of respiratory illnesses since (he's prone to croup) but the murmur hasn't happened again.

mumofayla Sat 31-Oct-09 06:38:17

Heart murmurs can point to serious issues but just a quick note that may offer some comfort to someone one day.
As with another post here, doctor asked me ''did you know she has a heart murmur?'' I didnt and worried for about 4 weeks while we waited for the appointment with the paedeatrician.
Once at the appointment the paedeatrician had a good listen to daughters chest and then agreed that yes, she has a heart murmer but that there was absolutly no cause for concern, many people have them and never even know and that hers was completly innocent. He also advised that if picked up again in future I should simply advise that I had had it checked out and all finesmile

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