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Had post-partum pre-eclampsia 7 MONTHS AGO. why am I still seeing spots?

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Sanguine Wed 16-Jul-08 20:59:07

Hi folks. I think something weird has happened to my bp. From mid pregnancy, I had the odd incidence of what I called "fairy dust" - sparkly speckles in my vision. I told my doc, but whenever my bp was measured, it was just highish normal. At about 37 weeks I swelled up like a balloon, but midwife didn't seem concerned. Immediately after I had DS, I got a terrible headache that no-one thought was particularly unusual. A couple of days later I had a bp reading that had them calling the doctors and making my lie on my left side etc etc. My bp continued to be high with lots of sparkles in my vision for a while, eventually it got to the "higher than we'd like, but you can leave hospital now if you like" stage. By the time the midwives discharged me, it was OKish, but still high for me. in the end, people stopped measuring it. Now, the thing is, DS is now over 7 months old, and on occasions I am still getting the sparkles. today has been pretty bad, and it's not even if I've done anything strenuous! Every time I get a bp taken at the docs it's no cause for concern. I have never, ever had blood pressure problems before. Has anyone else had similar problems? will it go away? The complicating factor is that I have EDS, and it's sometimes associated with autonomic nervous system dysfunction. So I don't know if this is an EDS thing, a pregnancy related thing or just a 'me' thing. Anyone have any ideas?

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