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does your blood pressure drop when you go to the loo?

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olivo Wed 16-Jul-08 20:15:52

I have had "a turn" every morning for the last few and occasionally wake up in the night with it. when i've gone for a poo, suddenly nothing coming out, massive pains, hot,clammy, faint and nauseous and then don't know which end to point at the loo. usually, i make it to my bed and lie down and it goes in a few minutes.
It used to happen to me when i was younger and drank; in those days, i'd often faint and fall off the loo or pass out on my way back to my bed blush
can anyone offer an explanation? is it low blood pressure, or low blood sugar or something? i'd forgotten how frightening it can be as i don't really drink now.

Swaliswan Wed 16-Jul-08 21:17:08

It's quite a common time to have a vasovagal attack. I can't be anymore helpful than this though because I can't remember the reason for it happening! I'd be more worried about the pain.

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