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Warning - Thrush does NOT always itch!

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Flamesparrow Wed 16-Jul-08 12:08:17

I have had various pains etc since the beginning of the year.

Finally last week I ended up with itching.

I took a thrush pill thingy and it did nothing so went and got checked out - thrush and BV.

I think the BV was the final straw which made the thrush itch.

It took 5 days of thrush pills to stop (not including the canesten one I took).

I have searched through my various namechanged threads, and I have had fanjo issues since October shock None of it smell/itch, just my stomach pains (which seemed to be reacting to caffeine) and heavier discharge than normal.

I have had caffeine today and no pains!

So please, even if your only symptom is slightly more discharge, even healthy "normal" looking stuff - get it checked! You could save yourself a hell of a lot of pain and blood tests!

Flamesparrow Wed 16-Jul-08 22:55:43

Weird thing to bump I know, but I want people to get checked. I can't believe it has taken so long.

I had 3 strong coffees today and no pain. I haven't had that in months. I have no idea how the two were linked, but tis a bloody big coincidence if they aren't!

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