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Pityriasis Rosea - anyone heard of it / had it

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Tillysmummy Fri 24-Jan-03 19:19:29

I wondered if any of you had or had heard of Pityriasis Rosea. It's a skin complaint that I have and I wanted to know if anyone had any advice or had experienced it.

Apparently they are not sure what causes it but it starts with a herald patch which is quite big and looks like eczema to start but just gets bigger and then explodes into loads of spots ! I have the herald patch for a couple of weeks and then all of a sudden last weekend and all this week more and more red itchy spots have come up all over my torso, neck, some on my face, legs etc. The worst affected area is my chest and back I look like a leper and feel very self conscious. I have to wear polo necks all the time to stop people seeing it and exercising is a nightmare because when I get hot I get really itchy. I must have around 70 spots on my torso which start looking remarkably like chicken pox and then end up getting longer and looking like the herald patch on my back.

I saw my doc and he said not to worry it won't scar but that I have to put up with the discomfort other than some kalamine lotion there's not much that can be done. I am ssoooooo itchy it's driving me mad, not to mention feel like bursting into tears every time I catch sight of my body ! Anyone got any suggestions ? Im very seriously thinking about trying a homeopath.

I also have some antihisthamine tablets Im taking at night.

AliH Fri 24-Jan-03 19:31:07

There has been another thread on this one, last year, so perhaps search in archive.

Yes, I have had this, many years ago, although not as bad as you have. Mine started with the herald patch on my inner, upper arm, and then the spots erupted around my torso (in a circle around my middle I seem to remember).

Anyway, I cannot offer any advice that you haven't been given, but it does eventually go away, and has not recurred.

I hope you feel better soon

MandyD Fri 24-Jan-03 21:46:07

I'm sorry I've never heard of this condition, but somewhere I was reading (on a thread about chickenpox) that Eurax cream is even better than Calamine for the itchies. Would be best to ask your GP or pharmacist whether its all right to use it first though.

SofiaAmes Fri 24-Jan-03 21:46:41

I got it in my early 20's, though not as bad as yours. Mostly in my torso and groin areas. My doctor at the time explained it as a virus that comes up when you are run down (like glandular fever). He said that there was no cure, you just wait for it to go away (I think it took 6 weeks or so in my case). Though he did say that sunshine on the spots may help it clear up faster. Guess you'll have to go on a sunny holiday quickly! I don't think antihistimine would help as it's a viral not a histamine reaction. Do try to rest up though as it will almost certainly clear up moe quickly.

Holly02 Sat 25-Jan-03 10:31:29

Tillysmummy I also had it about five or six years ago, although it sounds as though yours might be a little more severe. Then again, it was the middle of summer when I got it so I did spend a lot of time in the sun & swimming etc, so that might've helped clear it up faster. I had it mainly on my torso - a little bit on my arms and the tops of my legs, but most of it I managed to cover up with my bathing suit. I don't remember much about it, except that the doctor said you can do nothing to treat it - it just has to go away on its own. At least once you've had it, I'm pretty sure you won't get it again.

Enid Sat 25-Jan-03 12:21:44

I've had it too - not as badly as you, they didnt itch but looked like lots of little red fingerprints all over my tummy. My doctor prescribed Selsun (which is an anti-dandruff type thing) and it got rid of it.

prufrock Sat 25-Jan-03 17:28:29

Eurax is quite strong, and cannot be used when teh skin is broken. But E45 have just brought out a new cream which has an anti itching ingrdient as well as moisturiser

Tillysmummy Tue 28-Jan-03 09:05:18

Hi ladies

Thanks for all the support. It's nice to know Im not the only one. MandyD I have tried Eurax but it stings like mad. SofiaAmes, I am definitely run down I feel knackered all the time, my bones ache and I feel very weepy. I have had three cold/flu things in the last month or so and two lots of antibiotics.

It is getting worse and spreading. I have it going down my arms and legs too now and loads on my torso. Does anyone think that the chlorine in swimming will make it worse ? I have Tilly's swimming lesson on Thursday and don't want to cancel it as it could be weeks until this thing goes !

I think I am going to try a homeopath today - any other suggestions welcome. I will look up the other thread. Thanks !

Enid Tue 28-Jan-03 09:09:32

Have you tried the selsun? Its an anti fungal skin wash, you can buy it from the chemist.

Tillysmummy Tue 28-Jan-03 10:09:35

Hi Enid

I'll get some today and try it. Thanks.

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