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Going for an epidural cortisone injection

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Yorkiegirl Fri 04-Feb-05 19:43:00

Message withdrawn

Yorkiegirl Fri 04-Feb-05 22:00:07

Message withdrawn

ChicPea Fri 04-Feb-05 22:11:20

I'm interested YorkieGirl. One of the girls in my office is on a waiting list for this and I would really like to hear how it goes. How long does it kill the pain for? Did you do physiotherapy before the injection?

Yorkiegirl Fri 04-Feb-05 22:36:16

Message withdrawn

ChicPea Fri 04-Feb-05 22:37:46

When is the appointment?

Yorkiegirl Fri 04-Feb-05 22:39:08

Message withdrawn

roisin Fri 04-Feb-05 22:44:18

YG - I don't know anything about degenerative lumbar discs and cortisone injections ... sounds hideous especially in your profession ... but I do know about back pain.

Have you ever considered doing a course in the Alexander Technique? I had all sorts of back problems since the age of 12, and particularly exacerbated by all 3 pregnancies and deliveries.

When ds2 was 6 weeks old I started an AT course, and have never looked back. I don't actively 'do' it as much as I should, but I am continuously more aware of my posture, and automatically alert when I'm causing stress to my body.

I'm not saying it would help the pain caused by the injury/damage you already have, but it might help prevent future difficulties.

Anyway, I thought it was worth mentioning anyway.

roisin Fri 04-Feb-05 22:45:46

Just read that through and it sounds complete rubbish and rather trite - sorry!

I think I need to go to bed, hope you can make sense of the meaning behind it.

Laylasmum Fri 04-Feb-05 22:47:28

some people have quite a few injections for pain relief i don't think theres a limit. have you spoken to your surgeon about removing the disc if your pain is unbearable and the injections aren't lasting v long?

Yorkiegirl Sat 05-Feb-05 08:46:14

Message withdrawn

AllieM Mon 28-Feb-05 11:13:01

Hi there,

Interested to read your thread about degeneratives disc and epidural to help with your pain. I have a degenerative disc in lower back and was almost definitely going to have a disc replacement last year, however encountered problems with health insurance and then became pregnant so obviously didn't pursue it.

At 28 weeks pregnant my back is now hurting most of the time and I am very worried about giving birth. One orthopaedic surgeon I have consulted in the past said I'd almost certainly have to have an elective casearean, then another ortho. surgeon said it wasn't necessary at all.

I used to practise Pilates but can't currently find a class for pregnant women; am doing yoga and still going to the gym to strengthen other muscles.

Have you been advised on natural birth vs. casaerean, Yorkiegirl? What's your opinion? Hope the injection worked for you!

Many thanks

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