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Dental Advice needed

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HereComeTheGirls Mon 14-Jul-08 19:53:47

I feel a bit silly asking this, as I work for a dentist, but I don't want to tell them at work as I'd much rather go to my own dentist on Thursday!

Basically I am having pain in my top wisdom tooth when I bite on anything hard, it's really sore at the time and for a while afterwards. There isn't any pain any other time and it isn't sensitive to hot/cold or anything else.

Does this sound like I have cracked my tooth? I am hoping not as I don't really want to get a crown and I know the cost of them all too well!!!

ilovebeinglazy Mon 14-Jul-08 20:00:45

you could have an abscess - not a dentist just a sufferer btw

HereComeTheGirls Mon 14-Jul-08 20:02:33

Yes thats possible too, although I thought that would be much sorer and not only when I bit anything hard...suppose it could get worse though sad

HereComeTheGirls Tue 15-Jul-08 07:55:35

Just to bump this on the off-chance a dentist comes along, I will add that the tooth is otherwise not tender to palpation, except for biting on hard things!!

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