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MMR boosters - not sure what to do....

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MollyCherry Mon 14-Jul-08 16:18:06

... I know it's all supposed to be a load of rubbish now that MMR and autism are linked but can't help feeling uneasy all the same. Had my DD's inital jabs done separately through a private clinic. The colleague who recommended them had both her DC's done there but then went for the NHS triple booster which was what I had planned to do. DD starts school Sept 2009 but have already had reminders from private clinic and still feel uneasy about the triple jab (not that we are exactly flush at the mo to pay for the separate ones). Just think that in the unlikely event that anything did go wrong I would never forgive myself, especially as DC will probably be our only child. Would be really grateful to hear other opinions/experiences.

jkklpu Mon 14-Jul-08 16:22:36

much more likely to get measles than suffer any ill effects from jabs and measles is on the rise because of patchy take-up of vaccines, so help the herd to break the vicious circle

MollyCherry Mon 14-Jul-08 16:24:20

jkklpu We will definitely have her vaccinated one way or the other. In my head I know the tripl is probably fine and makes more sense but I can't help feeling a bit uneasy...

luvverlyday Mon 14-Jul-08 16:39:08

Had a terrible time with the MMR first time around and I'm in a dilemma about the boosters - so opposite to you Molly but still in a quandry. Dd was really really sick with the first MMR jab - 8 hours in hospital and kept in for observation. Most health professionals say I should give her the booster but how on earth can I feel safe doing that with her past experience. Can't afford seperate jabs really.... not easy is it??

lazarou Mon 14-Jul-08 16:40:51

I think if you can afford the singles have those.

pagwatch Mon 14-Jul-08 16:47:49

my son developed ASD after his MMr at 18 months. If you search MMR within the last couple of weeks there are a ouple of threads.
can't really go through all of my DS's regression again TBH

( and the special needs board will only slap me again grin)

MollyCherry Mon 14-Jul-08 16:52:27

pagwatch - really sorry to hear about you're LO - hope you are getting on OK

It's really good to hear from people supporting the singles, I felt like most mums I know locally thought I was a bit 'eccentric' for having them done separately the first time round, and with the developments there have been since was starting to think I was turning into paranoid mummy, but feel more confident with going with my gut instinct and booking her in for the separate jabs now. Cheers

TheBlonde Mon 14-Jul-08 17:07:02

I think if you bothered to have them separately first time then I'd have the singles for the boosters

heronsfly Mon 14-Jul-08 17:32:56

Like luvverlyday,my dd3 had a terrible reaction to the first triple dose,blue lighted to hospital, admitted for 48 hours ect,but, she did recover quickly and is now a bright and healthy 8 year old.
I was advised to leave the booster until she was a little bit older than normally recommended to give her immune system time to mature.
Im ashamed to say she still hasent had it,Im scared, I remember sitting in the ambulance with my precious baby on oxygen and thinking this is all my fault,silly really as my other 5 dcs had it with no ill effects at all.

pagwatch Mon 14-Jul-08 17:37:14

don't feel asahmed shock
Your child has a good chance of having full immunity from the first jab - the 2nd is not actually a booster but a method of catching up the 10 % or so of children who don't get immunity first time.

There are ways to get her immunity levels checked if it would put your mind at reast.

My DD is simply not having any because I can't risk it . But we all just try to make the best decision for our children and our communities. You shouldn't feel bad. Anxius is not the same as indifferent

MollyCherry Tue 15-Jul-08 00:58:11

Am totally with pagwatch about not feeling ashamed if we make these choices for our children - they are our responsibility and it is us that have to live with the decision.

heronsfly - I dont' blame you for not giving your LO the booster - neither would I after after what you went through. although I have to admit that DD has been fine with all her jabs so have been very lucky. Our docs and health visitors are pretty hot tho so I'm sure it would catch up with us soon enough and am worried about there being probs with school if she's not had it.

The advice and stories are much appreciated. My gut feeling since the issue first resurfaced at the beginning of the year has always been to have the 3 jabs separately, but really feel I have to justify myself because of the expense (especially as I;ve just lost my job) and the fact that the powers that be are all saying so resolutely that it's fine now.

I'll probably have a raging row with MIL over this but tough shit - I've made my mind up and am ringing the private clinic this week to see when she can have first 1.

PollyFlinders Tue 15-Jul-08 01:49:31

Heronsfly and luvverlyday, did your DCs have generic allergies to jabs or were they MMR-specific reactions?

This is a subject that is weighing heavily on my mind now, DS1 had seperate jabs, and DD1 is due to have hers, but they are not readily available in the country where we live.

Had a very pushy nurse telling me the MMR is fine last week, but if children are having such reactions as the ones you mention then it can't be that safe can it?

I hate it when people start a debate with you about it, when your mind is already made up and you don't want to discuss/argue/be persuaded.

heronsfly Tue 15-Jul-08 07:04:16

Thanks, pagwatch and polly,on the whole im happy with my decision,but reading posts on here sometimes about people with low immunity that cant risk catching anything makes me feel a bit blush.
Polly,my dd collapsed 10 days after the mmr,she was checked in hospital for everything under the sun,and was 100% fit,not even a cold,eventually even the consultant came to the conclusion that it was a reaction to the mmr.
But,reactions like this are very rare,treatable,and leave no lasting effects.
Sorry,not really being any help on the decision.

gagarin Tue 15-Jul-08 08:08:12

Don't forget the rest of the preschool booster - it's not just the MMR.

piggypoohsmum Tue 15-Jul-08 10:35:33

My DD has only ever had the 1st MMR triple jab which was done at 19months. Since then she has had blood tests to see if she is still immune as the 2nd dose is really for the 10% who do not get immunity with the 1st dose.
i chose not to have the 2nd dose due to research i carried out about the 2nd one having adverse effects in girls in teenage years. This decision was made by me after much research. When i presented my info to my GP he accepted my decision and has since been giving her a blood test every 2-3 years.
if you are unsure about the 2nd jab, speak to your GP and see if you too could arrange a blood test either privately (about £15) or through NHS.

DD has been immune on her last 3 tests.

Hope this helps

MollyCherry Thu 17-Jul-08 01:12:52

piggypoohsmum - what's this about adverse effects in teenage years for girls? Didn't know about this - can you point me in the direction of some info...Ta!

1dilemma Thu 17-Jul-08 01:23:13

Mollycherry if you are in UK school can't say anything about whether vaccinated or not. I'm not even sure ours asked us. If you're worried about GP/HV hassle you should move to my neck of the woods, my take on it is GP has worked out there is no way they are going to get their QOF points so doesn't bother at all. Can't get an appointment for love nor money round here, I'm still trying to get dc1 pre-school booster (finishes reception at the end of the week!)

1dilemma Thu 17-Jul-08 01:24:04

In US and Oz (I think) getting vaccinated is a requirement for school, don't know what they do about dcs who can't

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