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baba passed her hearing test

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biglips Fri 04-Feb-05 13:00:33

thanks god for that as baba is 4 months old and this is her 1st hearing test, been waiting since she was born and im a happy woman .. as i was dreading to this day to come as i didnt want baba to be deaf like me (mum had german measles when she was expecting me!)....

RTKangaMummy Fri 04-Feb-05 13:06:19

nailpolish Fri 04-Feb-05 13:06:27

glad you are happy biglips

Cristina7 Fri 04-Feb-05 13:12:10

You must be so relieved, Biglips. If your deafness is not genetic, though, there wasn't a need to be worried over and above anyone else, as your daughter's risk was the same as that of any other baby (1/1000). I'm pleased for you. (But don't give up on the "hearing aids" little group - if you have the time - as your experience of being deaf can be useful to others!)

biglips Fri 04-Feb-05 13:27:38

yeah its not genetic, but my friend who herself was the same situation as me and her husband is stone deaf (his mum's docs gave her tabs when she was expecting him and it was docs error), they have got 1 deaf child and 1 hearing child..

Hausfrau Fri 04-Feb-05 13:31:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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