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6yo with persistent cough for 2 weeks

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mumtorhianded Mon 14-Jul-08 09:02:44

Hi all

I don't know if its just bad luck, health or what, but my 6yo daughter who is generally in good health keeps having coughing fits in the night.

I have seen the doctor and she gave her antibiotics (as by then the cough had gone on for more than a week) but it still seems to keep her up at night.

This is her 4th day off school and now I am running out of answers.

So far I have used a cough medicine and put a pillow under her mattress. Please has any1 had any similar problems with their kids and what did you do that seemed to work?

Any help gratefully received.


bellavita Mon 14-Jul-08 09:13:07

Oh yes, with DS1 this can go on for 4 weeks or so. We have just got over this.

One thing that does help is the sudafed plug. Basically, there are little tabs that you slip in the back of the plug, then you put it into a wall socket in the bedroom and switch on. It is menthol. Needs to be put in there about an hour before they go to bed. One tab lasts one night.

He also takes a bottle of water (small sports bottle) to bed with him so he can help himself to a drink during the night if needs be.

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