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Cracked a back tooth around the filling

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Ripeberry Sun 13-Jul-08 18:34:17

A week ago, i managed to crack my back tooth on a seeded bun and it was a horrible sound and hurt a bit.
The tooth in question had a root canal done on it last year so it's mostly dead but now its getting a bit infected (i think) as it makes my mouth taste bad.
I've tried ringing the dentist and they can't fit me in for another couple of weeks and this is private!
Has anyone had something like this? Does it mean they have to take the whole tooth out or do they just put a peg in it and put a crown on?
Can't stand the thought of an extraction as i know the tooth will just crumble and tbh i'm nervous of dentistsad

maidamess Sun 13-Jul-08 18:39:46

They will probably give you the most expensive course of treatment! A crown I would think.

LongLiveGreenElizabeth Sun 13-Jul-08 18:41:33

go and get your gp to take a look. AT the very least they could probably guess (from the smell!!! and the appearance) if there was an infeciton and prescribe anti-biotics in the mean time.

orangehead Sun 13-Jul-08 18:42:31

They would have to take an xray to see if they can save the tooth or not. If you think its getting infected you really need to be seen sooner, try ringing again and telling them you think its infected

Ripeberry Mon 14-Jul-08 14:28:33

Rang them again this morning and they've managed to fit me in on Thursday morning.
Needs seeing as it is starting to whiff a bit (sorry if tmi!)
Ever since having children, i've had nothing but trouble with my teeth.
They stole all my

oggsfrog Mon 14-Jul-08 14:48:06

I have a smilar problem.

First I lost a very deep filling. Couldn't get appt and had to keep rooting round with a toothpick to dislodge bits of food that were getting stuck up there (this could be what's causing the smell/taste).

Eventually (months later) got to see Dentist and he re-filled the tooth. We tried to book for our next six month check up, but as he'd been ill and had a backlog we have to wait over a year for an appt.

A week after he filled the tooth I bit something and the whole inner side of the tooth fell away, leaving the filling in place hmm.

I have to wait until next Feb for my appt.

branflake81 Mon 14-Jul-08 14:55:41

My GP prescribed me antibiotics for a tooth infection when I couldn't get to a dentist. He didn't even look in my mouth.

SubRosa Mon 14-Jul-08 16:09:33

See if you can get to an out of hours dentist. Where I live, they see you irrespective of whether you're an NHS or private dental patient:

Please don't leave it 'til Thursday, it sounds like you've already not a nasty infection

SubRosa Mon 14-Jul-08 16:09:53

Already got

Ripeberry Mon 14-Jul-08 16:28:33

Thanks for the advise Subrosa. Luckily i've got some antibiotics that were prescribed by the dentist but i never used them (this was when i had the root canal).
They are powder sachets and i've had the prescribed 2 doses 8 hours apart, so hopefully it should start helping a bit.
I've had this kind of problem with a couple of other back teeth and they have always just filled them in or capped them.
I'm just DREADING an extraction as i think i'll faint if i can hear cracking noises and i'm scared they'll leave the root behind and i'll have to have a general anaesthetic!
God, i'm a worryer!

Ripeberry Mon 14-Jul-08 16:31:53

Oggsfrog, They are really gross teeth aren't they when they do that?
Always makes me wonder what they do with teeth like that, because if they are so brittle how do they pull them out?
I'll shut up now, i'm grossing myself out sad

ilovebeinglazy Mon 14-Jul-08 16:59:43

poor you!

also in tooth pain (just started a thread on wisdom teeth and abscess) . I just turned up at my dentist (NHS) first thing this morning and begged for an appointment. I got one straight away -even before they saw i was pregnant. Your lcoal authority will have a list of dentists that will give emergency appointments. Best to go asap rather than self medicate

good luck

Ripeberry Thu 17-Jul-08 11:29:23

Just an update, went to the dentist this am and he had to extract the tooth and it was horrible!
Just worried now about getting "dry socket", teeth are just so annoying (and painfull) even when there not there!angry

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