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Which coil is it which reduces PMT? and do they all make you bleed for months while they settle down?

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I have just awful PMT, I've heard one type of coil is supposed to all but eliminate PMT, can anyone tell me which it is? The threads on coils are confusing.

Also, I used to have continuous light bleeding with depo provera, will I get the same if I have a mirena coil fitted? Thanks.

suzywong Sun 13-Jul-08 15:24:00

dunno about reducing PMT, I think Fluoxetene the AD is the only thing that really does that. Coils good for reducing blackberry jam clots and you do get light bleeding for the first few months, 4 in my case.

Can you not stick your head in a bucket for a few days a month and warn your family not to even think about looking at you let alone asking you what's for dinner?

It's not really a case of bucket on the head, sometimes I feel almost suicidal my pmt is so bad, I don't cope well at all. I actually have fluoxetine in my medicine drawer but I went to start taking it and read loads of threads saying it was bad stuff so got put off it. Maybe I should take them if it really does help with the pmt.

So after the 4 months of light bleeding, did your periods return to normal or go altogether or what? (if you don't mind me asking)

suzywong Sun 13-Jul-08 15:46:21

Oh ask away
yes, four months of many a lightly soiled gusset and then nice and regular and medium bleeding for 4 or 5 days like normal people.

I took Fluoxetene as a AD for 18 months, just come off it as a matter of fact, and my GP told me that it is prescribed for one week out of 4 for some women specifically as an anti PMT treatment. Speak to the GP who gave it to you in the first place and ask if you can use it for that reason.

I can't say what my PMT is like now as I've just come off the fluoxetine and only just had my first normal period

Do please get your iron levels checked if you do nothing else as that can make you feel shite.

best of luck with the curse. It is a curse isn't it? When I first heard that phrase as an impressionable and budding feminist teen I was incensed and indignant but it is in fact a curse.

iron levels, I hadn't thought of that, they were really low in pregnancy a year ago so they might still be a bit low, thanks.

Sometimes the pmt lasts longer than a week, maybe I should just take the fluoxetine full stop.

debating whether to get a coil or a persona machine!

suzywong Sun 13-Jul-08 16:02:29

nah, get a coil, sorts out the heavy bleeding

so you promise you will make an appointment with the GP tomorrow and at the very least get your iron done. I had been anaemic since kids, youngest now 4 and I had to have a few shots in my bum, and I feel much better, so much better in fact that it's givenme a new lease of life and all those cliches. Make sure you see a lady GP. Someone who has a grasp of how debliitatiing and startling bad PMT can be, no offence male GPS

I have an appointment for wednesday with female gp. I will definitely ask for a blood test for anaemia (having one for diabetes check anyway)

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