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Tempted to have Mirena coil taken out - any advice?

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Ohireallyshouldnt Sat 12-Jul-08 18:00:45

Hello, I'm new to this website, so excuse me for bringing up a topis that so many of you have discussed a hundred times already. I did a quick search and there are so many of you with only positive things to say about the Mirena.
I had mine put in in May 2007, so its been 1yr,2m. At first i bled on and off like you are "supposed" to. Then after about 6 months i just got a brown smudge in my knickers for about a day when my period would have been. Now for the last 3 months i seem to have had this brown smudgey stuff ^every day^. Its gross. Not enough to wear a pad/tampon, but enough to mess my knickers up, so that i now don't wear white ones anymore.
I can def still feel the strings, but my partner reckons he can feel it sticking out of my cervix a bit (which he couldn't before). Could this be the cause of the prolonged bleeding?
Also, i haven't had much of a sex drive for the last year, whereas before it was put in i was quite a sexual person.
So, no sex drive and messy knickers. Should i get it taken out? So envious of those of you who have no periods at all with it. envy

emma1977 Sat 12-Jul-08 18:24:00

The decision to have it taken it is only for you to make, I'm afraid. Some people may be able to put up with what you describe and others really wouldn't- only you know.

What you are experiencing isn't completely abnormal for a mirena. However, if your partner thinks he can feel it, then it needs checking to make sure it hasn't slipped downwards into the cervical canal (that could also cause odd bleeding too). Infections can also cause more spotting than before, so swabs should ideally also be taken. The hormone in it is what may be dampening your sex drive, which may be a problem for you when considering alternative contraception as a lot contain a similar hormone.

I would say, it you really hate it regardless- get it taken out. If you are reasonably happy with it and don't mind getting yourself checked and swabbed and waiting a while to see if it will improve- go and see your FPC or whoever fitted it.

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