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Speech and ENT question

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PeaMcLean Sat 12-Jul-08 09:23:05

How possible is it that tube feeding when new born can cause lasting problems with speech?

I'm getting a bit paranoid on DS's behalf. We have an ENT appointment at the hospital coming up. Last year when we went, the doctor looked a bit sceptical about the chance of the problems being caused by adenoids but said he may grow out of it and would be assessed again in a year.

DS always sounds bunged up, has a very wet mouth (if that makes sense) and whilst he can make all the right speech sounds when he concentrates, it just seems like it's an effort for him in normal quick speech. He's 7. He doesn't get ear infections or anything normally associated with adenoids (I think! I'm no expert...) and struggles to do things like eat with his mouth closed cos he says he can't breathe.

Anyway. It's recently come to my mind that the 10 days of tube feeding when born may be something to do with it and I'm hoping this is nonsense! smile

Any thoughts?

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