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MIGRAINES - Beta Blockers - is anyone on them?

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Astrophe Fri 11-Jul-08 20:55:02

My GP has just put me on 25mg of atenolol. I took the dose once and became a zombie, and since then have take 2 half doses on Wed and Thurs evenings. I feel a bit dopey and tired, but will stick with the half dosees for now, and see how they go.

Is anyone else on them? Have they been effective? What dose are you on? What side effects? Do you know much about long term effects?

I'm feeling like this is quite a 'serious' medication, and I'm not all that comfortable with taking it tbh, but my codeine/neurofen consumption was getting a bit much

Hi I took this a few years ago, but came off them as didnt like how they made me feel.

Also was a vet nurse at time and apart from being a zombie at work which was no good for operating. A vet suggested i find an alternative if I could.
gp said I didnt give them long enough to work. I went to see a neurologist after being hospitalized with migraines and ahe suggested an aspirin a day. I took this up until trying for a baby.
DD now 17 month, am now 33 weeks so have not took the aspirin for some time now.
Touch wood have been ok and the aspirin seemed to work too.

Also maybe I have been ok since not taking contraceptive pill. Although it was changed to a more suitable one because of migraines.
Dont really know what causes them.
Just get the usually comments of cheese chocolate red wine banana/vanilla strawberry hmm hormones etc........

Astrophe Fri 11-Jul-08 21:03:09

how did the asprin a day work? I've not heard of that before.

Astrophe Fri 11-Jul-08 21:04:37

I don't get them when pregnant, but when I was on the minipill for a week I got 4! I get them in the second half of my cycle. All points to hormones for me! Also orages ar a big trigger for me.

TeriHatchetJob Fri 11-Jul-08 21:04:51

I take the beta-blocker Bisoprolol for atrial fibrillation of the heart.

I take 2.5 mg a day. I don't get any headaches but the exhaustion is debilitating sometimes.

My GP did warn me about it but it's hit me like a brick.

I'm seeing my cardiologist next week and see if there is an alternative but if not will have to persevere. Do you see a consultant with your condition? You could ask them for an alternative.

Oh yes forgot about oranges. Also some smells like perfume detergent can trigger off for me. The biggest being some lights like stip lights. very strange.

re the Aspirin not really sure something to do with thinning blood which helps when blood vessels in brain start to dilate.
Could be wrong hard to remember and take in everything they say.
Was told that I had a slight bleed on the brain when I had my last really bad one.

Astrophe Fri 11-Jul-08 21:14:51

crikey no1, a bleed in the brain? How awful!

Terrihatchet, the beta blockers aren't giving e migraines, they are to treat the migraines. If I keep feeling tired and odd, I will come off them. My GP seemed to think that if I was too tired, we could lower the dose and they will probably still work (for migraine, not for heart conditions) - I wonder if you could talk to your doctor and perhaps lower the dosage?

They never really said much about it to be honest so not sure it was that big a deal even though I know it sounds it.
I would lower dose if you feel rough. Anything is worth try I know I would do anything never to have one again.
When all my family and a few friends were preparing me for the pain of chilbirth I was always wondering if it was going to be worse than a migraine.

I am not saying labour was pain free but in my experience a Migraine was far worse.
Maybe its because you know your getting something wonderful at the end I dont know.
Whereas a Migraine you have no idea howlong its going to last.
From that first flash of light and blurred vision I just dread it.
Sorry I am waffling.
Good luck I hope they work for you.

TeriHatchetJob Sat 12-Jul-08 14:18:59

Yes sorry Astrophe - I did't read your post correctly and I didn't realise that beta blockers were used for your problem. I do apologise.

TeriHatchetJob Sat 12-Jul-08 14:20:47

Yes sorry Astrophe - I did't read your post correctly and I didn't realise that beta blockers were used for your problem. I do apologise.

Astrophe Sat 12-Jul-08 21:33:21

No need to apologise teri! Is there any chance you could reduse your dose? How ling have you been on them?...I've heard the tiredness gets better...

woodstock3 Sat 12-Jul-08 21:41:04

i was prescribed them for migraines, took them for a bit but gave me low blood pressure - i collapsed (on honeymoon) cos it went so low and that was the end of the bbs! if they are making you feel bad get your blood pressure checked.
the only thing that worked for me was pregnancy - i didnt have a single one while i was pg and bf'ing - and they are much, much rarer even now. i think it's definitely hormonal with me - well that and stress-related: i was overworking and was very stressed when they got bad enough (and constant enough) for me to need the beta blockers.

TeriHatchetJob Sun 13-Jul-08 20:10:30

I've been on them for about 4 months and the side effects have increased with time!

I also get very cold hands and feet and very vivid dreams!

My blood pressure was low beforehand but on these things it's regularly 80 over 40 with a pulse of between 40 and 50. I permanently feel lightheaded and faint.

As I said I'm seeing my consultant this week and see if there is an alternative beta blocker. They all have different side effects but I need to find a different one despite this one helping my heart.

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