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Getting into a state about a mole I've got to have removed

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ConnorTraceptive Fri 11-Jul-08 19:36:59

Will try to cut this short.

Saw a Dr about this mole 2 years ago but he said it's fine don't worry. I had PND at the time and a large part of it was health anxiety and I got myself in a right mess worrying about this mole. Anyway got PND sorted and anxiety about mole went away.

Last week saw Dr about a different mole that had gone a bit scabby. That mole is fine but I showed her the other mole that I had previously been worried about and she has said she wants to remove it. (She's dermatolagist and will do it at the surgery)

Am absolutely shitting myself now that I may have had a cancerous mole for a long time. Have tried to keep calm but all the anxiety is flooding back.

laidbackinengland Fri 11-Jul-08 19:39:14

Sometimes they just take moles off because they are mildly concerned that they might turn into something in the future. I had an itchy mole that I had removed - they sent it away for analysis and it was fine. If she wasn't overly concerned about it, maybe she is doing it as a precautionary measure.

MadamAnt Fri 11-Jul-08 19:42:14

I have regular mole-related freak-outs, so I can sympathise.

If you're on record as having seen a doc about it previously, they may be removing it as much for ^your peace of mind as anything else.

FWIW I had three v harmless-looking moles removed when I asked for a doc to check them. i.e. it was my first enquiry at the docs about them, and they offered to whip 'em off. I think it's a fairly low-cost procedure for them, so they tend to be fairly slash-happy about it.

alittlebitshy Fri 11-Jul-08 19:44:36

I noticed at a tescos I don't normally go to,recently that they do mole screening!? What does this entail? Is it worth it or am I best off going to the gp??? (one I have seems to look a bit different, but I'm not totally sure)

ConnorTraceptive Fri 11-Jul-08 19:49:52

She did say that under the dermascope that it looked ok but because it was different colours she wanted to remove it. She also said it should be done within the month but didn't feel it was necessary to get it done as an emergancy so I guess that's good right?

I just wish when i'd asked about it 2 years ago they had taken it off. Am trying not get into full blown anxiety attack this but can't help thinking worst case sometimes sad

letuseatcake Fri 11-Jul-08 19:50:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MadamAnt Fri 11-Jul-08 20:12:11

Connor - if it's any consolation I have several multi-coloured moles. You;re right - if it looked dodgy they would be whipping it off asap.

ConnorTraceptive Fri 11-Jul-08 20:21:45

Thanks for the reassurance - It's just hard to stay calm. I've worked so hard to avoid pnd this time round I will be gutted if this whole episode triggers it.

Think I will ring Dr's and ask if they know the date of my appointment yet, it doesn't help not knowing when it's going to be done

ConnorTraceptive Fri 11-Jul-08 20:55:50

Madam-Ant - can I ask do you go get them checked everytime you have a freak out?

letuseatcake Sat 12-Jul-08 00:21:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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