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A question for homeopaths who make up their own remedies......!

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Thankyouandgoodnight Fri 11-Jul-08 10:02:42

I watched my homeopath make up some remedies for me and she had a small bottle of the sugar pills and added a couple of drops of liquid to the bottle and put the lid back on. The liquid only came in to contact with a few of the pills but she said that the theory is that the vapour penetrates all of them. Is this right?

Also - the pills are actually quite large chunky ones (relatively speaking to ones I've been given in the past) that don't melt too well under the tongue and can sit there for 30 mins or more before I give up and chew them. Is this ok?

Thankyouandgoodnight Fri 11-Jul-08 22:07:36


Thankyouandgoodnight Sat 12-Jul-08 20:02:00

Are there really no homeopaths on Mumsnet??

OverMyDeadBody Sat 12-Jul-08 20:04:40

Well, it's right if you believe it's right.

Homeopathy works in the same was as any other placebo works, because you think it will do you good.

fizzbuzz Sat 12-Jul-08 21:13:21

...homeopathy is the only thing that shifts thrush when I get it.........

Even big time 6 month course of anti-fungals have no effect........

PhDlifeNeedsaNewLife Sat 12-Jul-08 21:16:23

Thankyouandgoodnight, you might find this explanation useful and interesting.

Thankyouandgoodnight Sun 13-Jul-08 18:48:33

Thanks for this PhD! Well spotted.

Sugarmagnolia Mon 14-Jul-08 14:26:21

Thankyou - I am familiar with the preparation of homeopathic remedies (by an MHRA licensed manufacturer) and they add 3-4 drops of the medicating potency to a bottle of pills or tablets then 'agitate' the bottle to distribute the liquid. Yes, it's ok to chew the tablets once they've been in your mouth for several minutes. And if you don't like the form of tablets you've been given there are places you can order remedies from in your preferred form - the most common ones are pills (hard, round spheres that don't dissolve very well), tablets (flat, round tablets that dissolve better than pills but have a slightly chalky taste), soft tablets which dissolve very quickly and granules.

Thankyouandgoodnight Mon 14-Jul-08 14:38:25

Thanks SugarMagnolia - so it's perfectly ok that the liquid doesn't visibly come in to contact with all of the pills?

Sugarmagnolia Mon 14-Jul-08 14:46:32

Look - I don't really want to give you a definite answer as I am not a homeopath myself, just familiar with what's considered good practice. I believe the bottle should be shaken to help distribute the liquid among the tablets - it wasn't clear from your post if your homeopath does that. Is your homeopath registered with the Faculty of Homeopathy or the Society of Homeopaths? As far as I am aware those are the ONLY two bodies in the UK that offer recognised training. If she's not registered and/or you're not 100% convinced about her methods you could consider either finding another homeopath or getting your remedies somewhere else.

Thankyouandgoodnight Mon 14-Jul-08 15:19:42

Yes she is registered and I've no concerns about her at all. I just wanted to check in with normal practices on 'remedy making' - she's the only homeopath that I've actually watched make up remedies so have nothing to compare it to you see.

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