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How many weeks between 2nd baby jabs and 3rd baby jabs?

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crokky Fri 11-Jul-08 09:41:42

Hoping someone who has had baby jabs recently can help me!

My surgery has a complex appointment system for baby jabs and DD's appointmentments have got mixed up because a clinic was cancelled.

She has had her first lot (the 5 in 1 plus pneu jab)

She has then had her second lot (the 5 in 1 plus MenC)

She is supposed to have her third lot (5 in 1, pneu and MenC) soon but the woman at the surgery does not know when I should bring her because their system has only recorded the first lot of jabs and can't be altered hmm

How many weeks did your baby have between their 2nd lot and 3rd lot of jabs? I have been told I can bring her on a drop in basis, but I don't actually know when to bring her because I don't know how many weeks there are supposed to be between the 2nd and 3rd lot of jabs!! TIA.

BellaBear Fri 11-Jul-08 09:43:57

at least four weeks

MuffinMclay Fri 11-Jul-08 09:48:25

Here they insist on it being a calendar month from the last one, so that can be 4 or 5 weeks.

crokky Fri 11-Jul-08 09:53:27

OK Thanks, I think I will take her 5 weeks from the last lot and see what they say then.

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