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can you use ibuprofen cream and ibuprofen together

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lexcat Fri 11-Jul-08 07:46:06

DD7 put her neck out, slowly getting with the help of the osteopath. Dr gave her ibuprofen cream to rub on her neck to realieve the pain. Only thing is the box is not in engish. Helps a bit but think the ibuprofen medicine works better but after about 2 1/2-3 hours it wears off.

whomovedmychocolate Fri 11-Jul-08 07:53:44

It's not a terribly good idea to double up. Excessive brufoen can increase the likelihood of bleeding and also reduce the blood count.

She'd be better short term to combine ibuprofen and paracetamol (in whatever combination of creams and pills works for her). Alternatively ask the GP for some diclofenac. For short term muscular pain, it's pretty much market leading for good reason.

SpecialOffer Fri 11-Jul-08 08:07:44

Agree with whomovedmychocolate, you can't combine the cream and tablets.

fryalot Fri 11-Jul-08 08:08:56

agree with the others.


You can combine ibuprofen with paracetamol though, so perhaps give her some of the gel with paracetamol?

NotQuiteCockney Fri 11-Jul-08 08:10:18

I've been told the creams/gels don't really get absorbed, so may not work, but shouldn't result in iboprofen OD.

Iboprofen is much better for muscle damage than paracetamol, and I think the oral stuff is more important (more likely to work) than the cream.

whomovedmychocolate Fri 11-Jul-08 08:11:18

Also bear in mind that a tolerance of brufen is built up in about three days and after that - it doesn't actually do much for you - well in terms of painkilling. It'll still play buggery with your liver and cause you long term probs if you do keep at it. That's why kids shouldn't take nurofen for more than 48 hours at a stretch.

saltire Fri 11-Jul-08 08:26:52

Yet I was told by a pharmacist that it was ok to take Ibuprofen gel, tablets and paracetamol together!

herbietea Fri 11-Jul-08 08:28:41

Message withdrawn

lexcat Fri 11-Jul-08 09:03:22

Thanks to all the advice think I'll just stick with the cream in the morning and in the afternoon when it at it's worst give her ibuprofen as calpol just dosn't seem touch the pain at all. But will try calpol with the cream if she need just a little more of a pain killer. Pain really is taking it's toil on her been a week now.

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