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Unwell DP

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macca08 Thu 10-Jul-08 15:12:01

Hello, my DP has been unwell lately and I am wondering whether giving birth to our DS might have anything to do with it. She gave birth in January and has been very sore down below since then ie pains in her pelvic area when she walks, lies down or bends over.

Last week she has become unwell in the afternoons ie stiff neck, headache and nausea and actually threw up 3 times in an hour last Friday. She is at the moment in bed and feels bad.

My questions are a) should she keep on BF our DS, and b) has anyone else experienced this and c) should she see a dr?

I am worried as she's not normally ill and we've been together for 11 years.

AnAngelWithin Thu 10-Jul-08 15:13:50

i really think she should go and see a doctor. sounds like she may have a bad infection.

fryalot Thu 10-Jul-08 15:14:20

She shouldn't still be having pains after six, seven months.

I don't know what this current illness could be, but yes, you should deffo take her to see a doctor.

Don't know about bfing, but I can't see any problem if she feels up to it.

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