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So if its not a UTI why?? is DD still really poorly HELP !!

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twocutedarlings Thu 10-Jul-08 14:39:00

DD had a temp all day sunday and sunday eve complained of abdominal pain her tummy was rock hard as though it had gone into a spasem, we took her to A&E, where they diagnosed a urine infection and gave her AB.

Kept he off school monday and sent her back to school tuesday as she was much better.

Yesterday i was greeted in the yard by her teacher as DD had been taken to medical room as she had a tummy ache. She was in agony (just like on sunday) when i got there and could barley stand up, her temp was also really high. I gave her a dose of ibprofen and took her straight to GPs.

By the time the GP saw us the ibprofen had kicked in and DD was no longer in any pain, GP examined but couldnt find anything wrong and said we needed to wait until the hospital had cultured DDs urine to check that she was on the right AB.

GP called me earlier to say that the sample was clear and stop the ABs as it was probably a virus or a tummy bug. Ive kept her home today and she seems fine, just abit pale, ive kept her dosed up with calpol and ibprofen.

Im really worried that something has been missed, thankfully the meds have worked really well, but none of the doctors have seen just how much pain she was in. Im not sure what to do, do i let the meds ware off? or just carry on doing what im doing. Can you have a tummy bug which goes away for 2 days and then comes back again??

twocutedarlings Thu 10-Jul-08 15:23:34


noddyholder Thu 10-Jul-08 15:40:18


twocutedarlings Thu 10-Jul-08 16:13:44

Thanks for your reply Noddy, No apparently not, as this is quite rare in young children hmm and the pain is constant and doesnt go away until its removed, but i must admit that this is one of my concerns.

orangina Thu 10-Jul-08 16:21:11

I had my appendix out when I was just under 4.....

noddyholder Thu 10-Jul-08 21:53:30

I had mine out at 9 and the pain wasn't constant it did come and go over a day or two the became severe and it was removed

BigBadMousey Thu 10-Jul-08 22:06:43

my doc suspected grumbling appendix with DD1 who is 4 - pain comes and goes.

Really hope you get it sorted soon you must be pretty worried. Def take her back to the docs.

BigBadMousey Thu 10-Jul-08 22:19:00

also check for constipation - that can hurt a lot (not sure about giving a temperature too but symptoms can be nasty)

non-scary link on tummy pain

LaylaandSethsmum Thu 10-Jul-08 22:21:48

Appendicitis is quite rare in young children but it does occur. I had a grumbling appendix for about 4 years with several hospital admissions and it was finally removed when I was 13!

I'm convinced some UTIS don't show up in the lab. I'm positive I had one a couple of weeks ago.

Dark, cloudy urine, abdo pain, pain on urination. Dipstick showed positive for blood, leucocytes and nitrites. I was slightly incontinent. Had a temp, felt awful. Got some trimethipin and by the next day felt better. My lab results came back clear, I finished the course of A/b though as I know they were working.

kittywise Thu 10-Jul-08 22:31:08

I don't mean to alarm you but this happened with dd1.
She is now 6 but had undiagnosed uti's from about 2 1/2.

I KNEW there were uti's but tests were coming up neg, but not all the time. The dip sticks at the dr's would be neg and sometimes the same sample wopuld come up pos at the lab
Neverthless I insisted on ab's and the symptoms would go away. Over the years she got worse and worse. She would get all the infections the other kids did but they wouldn't go away for ages. All this culminated in a dash to the children's A&E when she was about 4.
She had a temp of 39/40 that wouldn't shift. She was convulsing, shaking, turning blue. She spent 5 days in hospital on a drip with ab's. She then spent a year on preventative ab's (low dosage at night) She has some scaring on her kidneys and has not yet mastered being dry day or night.
various ultrasounds showed a reflux from her bladder back up to her kidneys which were causing the infections, She has since grown out of the reflux
So YES, YES, YES, uti's CAN and DO go undetected at labs. If you think she has one then insist on the ab's and push for proper treatment.
Good luck.

kiddiz Thu 10-Jul-08 23:19:37

My DD had periodic episodes of severe abdominal pain for a couple of years or more. Because she also has what we now know is unrelated microscopic haematuria she was regularly prescribed abs which made no difference. I also have a cupboard full of laxatives and anti spasmodics all of which made no difference either. She had loads of blood tests, scans etc. all of which came back clear. She was seen by a paediatric kidney specialist (sorry can't remember his proper title) who said that the cause of the haematuria was probably genetic as dh, sil and fil also have it. As fil has reached the age of 75 with no kidney problems the assumption was made that it was probably harmless. She has not been discharged though and the option of having a kidney biopsy to confirm a diagnosis is still available. Dr said he was fairly sure that it was benign haematuria and if she was his daughter he wouldn't recommend a biopsy yet. There is a condition that causes haematuria that can cause problems if dd has a son but at 11 I think we need not worry about that yet.
The abdominal pain, which was only really helped by ibuprofen, was diagnosed as abdominal migraine. As I suffer badly from migraine that seems logical. I am just sad that it probably meas dd is going to go on and suffer migraine headaches like me.

twocutedarlings Thu 10-Jul-08 23:27:31

Thankyou for all your replys, i was going to stop giving her the ABs and i hadnt given her them before bed, but on seeing some of your posts i will wake her before i go to bed and give her them.

Ive not given her any meds before bed, she has that many in the last 24 hours that she can only have one my dose of calpol between now and 6 tomorrow morning, so i will see how she is through the night.

The appendix thing is still really bothering me, both my Mum and Dad have had really nasty emergency appendix ops (my mum almost died sad)and i remember reading that it can run in familys, so unless there is a massive improvment by morning i will take her back see the GP, tbh the GP is saw yesterday is very new to the practise, so i will ask to see my usual GP who is fantastic and more importantly i trust him.

twocutedarlings Thu 10-Jul-08 23:38:07

kiddiz funny you should say that as i to suffer from migraine attacks (thankfully not very often now) they are like headaches but will come on in the matter of minute without much prior warning.

These abdominal pain come on just like that, one minute she is fine the next she rolling around on the floor.

The other thing is DD has ASD and can have really high pain threshold so she doesnt always feel pain in the same that other people do, ive told this to both the docs at hospital and the GP and they both looked at me gone out.

On a whole she is really fit and healthy Monday was on the second day shes had off school this year and the other was just a 24hr sickness bug.

BigBadMousey Fri 11-Jul-08 09:43:38

Let us know how you get on.

tbh I would continue the ABs anyway - stopping part way through a treatment of ABs can lead to problems. I would ideally give her a probiotic for a week once the course has finished - if you can afford them on top of the ever increasing food bill!

twocutedarlings Fri 11-Jul-08 10:25:26

Morning all,

Well she had a good night, ive kept her off school again just to be sure and she is currently running around playing with DD2.

Obviously im still concerned as she was also fine on monday and tuesday but fingers crossed she is over whatever is was.

kiddiz Fri 11-Jul-08 13:37:57

Twocutedarlings You could be describing my dd. She would be fine one minute and the next doubled up with pain. This would happen for a few days and the she could be fine for several months and then it would start again. Touch wood she has been ok for about a year now. Hope your dd feels better soon

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