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Period pains that last most of the month - does anyone know about this?

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Nighbynight Thu 10-Jul-08 11:54:42

I'm asking this question on behalf of a younger friend who is not yet a mother. She has very bad period pains. They last not just during her period, but also when she is ovulating (she thinks). At times, period pains last for the whole month.
She has been checked out by a gynacologist in the last year, who gave her the all clear, but she still has the pains.

Does anyone have any experience of this?

hertsnessex Thu 10-Jul-08 11:57:49

i had this before i was diagnosed with endometriosis.

tell her to go to her gp and get a referral. they will need to do a laparoscopy to confirm.

themoon66 Thu 10-Jul-08 11:59:23

My mum had this all her life. She was diagnosed with a rare condition by a specialist in the 60s... after she had given birth to me and my sister. She had had the condition from her teens.

Now if only I could remember the name of it... it was a German name... named after the doctor who discovered it.

I will try to remember to ask her when I ring her... then you can google it.

themoon66 Thu 10-Jul-08 12:02:20

I think this is it. But it doesn't quite match what my mum had. Her pain was continous apart from 2 or three days during her period when she felt relief.

Nighbynight Thu 10-Jul-08 12:24:28

Thank you both! We just read up the Mittelschmerz link, and endometriosis. Her symptoms may fit the latter, so at least she has some more information to go back to the doctor with now. Many thanks.

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