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DD's hair so thin, straggly and lifeless - any supplements recommended?

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SecondhandRose Thu 03-Feb-05 08:54:45

My 6 yr old DD's hair looks terrible. There hardly seems to be any of it and it's all straggly. It's been cut just above her shoulders but it doesn't look any better.

Are there any foods in particular that might improve things or any supplements anyone has used?


Furball Thu 03-Feb-05 09:07:50

Vitamin A is supposed to be good for hair and nails. Does your DD have a good varied diet? If not it might be worth giving her a multi vit just to cover it. Fish oil is also supposed to give glossy locks.

With regards to her hair style - maybe have it cut shorter again to try and stop it looking less stragley.

jampots Thu 03-Feb-05 09:24:53

my hair as a kid was really thin and lifeless and not much of it and poker straight. My mum thought I'd be bald by the time I reached my teens and used all sorts of hair thickening products on it. When I was about 10 she had my hair cut short which did help (bad enough to have a kid with crap hair but looking gawky too???). My two sisters both had wavy thick hair too which made me even worse. However since becoming pregnant my hair has developed body and has thickened and become wavy - not that im suggesting this for your dd, but just to reassure you that although it may not be the best hair to contend with now it really could get better

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