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Anybody given up smoking and found that they got really drunk on next to nothing????

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Lukesmammy Wed 09-Jul-08 18:14:34

I gave up smoking a week ago (yippee!)Shared a bottle of red with my hubby last night and had two medium (ish) sized glasses and I just felt really really drunk.

This amount would probs have just made me a bit sleepy normally - could this be giving up smoking related? Just wondered if this had happened to anybody else?

SorenLorensen Wed 09-Jul-08 18:23:20

I gave up years ago but the first time I went out drinking as a non-smoker I got horrendously drunk - spent most of the night throwing up. I put it down to drinking more and faster, because I didn't have the cigarettes to punctuate the drinking with. You may just have drunk the wine faster than normal because you weren't smoking as well. Stick with it though!

Ledodgy Wed 09-Jul-08 18:24:58

The hangovers will be so much better though. Ten times worse when you smoke.

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