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Dd1 crying cos it hurts when she wee's

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nutcracker Wed 02-Feb-05 21:18:30

This morning Dd1 (7) mentioned that it hurt a bit when she had a wee. I told her to make sure she drank plenty of water today and see how it was later.

I forgot and she didn't mention it until she went to have a wee before getting in the bath tonight and boy did she scream and cry cos it hurt so much. I tried letting her do it in the bath water (after everyone else had got out), but that didn't help.

She was desperate but wouldn't go. I managed to get her to drink 2 big glasses of water and eventually she went.

I was going to take her to the docs first thing tommorow but she has her school photo which she doesn't want to miss cos she missed last years.
So what do i do ??

If she seems better in the morning is it ok to see ghow she goes ?? Am going to give her lots of water and buy her some cranberry juice.

Never had this happen before so not sure what to do.

soapbox Wed 02-Feb-05 21:20:56

Nutty - get her to drink some bicarbonate of soda mixed with water. This neutralises the acidity in the urine which is what is causing the pain!

Will tide her over until you see docs. Cranberry juice also good but bicarb will work faster!

If no bicarb then give her baking powder!

Poor thing hope she's better soon!

Frizbe Wed 02-Feb-05 21:21:51

Ouch poor mite, my friends dd had thrush as a baby which caused this reaction in her, so that may be it, although it does sound like it could be the dreaded cistitus (spelling?) good idea re the cran juice, but I'd go to the docs asap, as you don't want her to start trying to hang on etc....could you ring school and see what time photos are?

nutcracker Wed 02-Feb-05 21:26:07

Don't have any bicarb or baking powder but i could get some in the morning.

Photos are anywhere between 9 and 12 as far as i know.

I'll see how she goes tommorow and then pop her to the docs friday morning if it hasn't got any better, or before if it has got any worse.

Kids....bloody nightmares

TinyGang Wed 02-Feb-05 21:36:57

Yes, keep getting her to drink lots and lots and the cranberry is a good idea or lemon barley. Do get her to the doctor though, even if she seems better; sounds like she was/is very uncomfortable and that it's got worse from this morning. Cystitis maybe? I expect you've thought of that though. I suffered big time with this a few years ago and it was so horrible.

The weekend is looming and it'll be even harder to get an appointment if it suddenly gets worse. I always think in these terms having spent many a Saturday night/Sunday wishing I'd got to the doctor earlier (it's usually an earache episode in our house), and then banging down the surgery door Monday morning!

Maybe you can whip her out after the photo? Hope she feels better soon and manages a nice smile for the picture.

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