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Help me not put a fag in my mouth,im tempted

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theboob Tue 08-Jul-08 18:53:41

Im on day two,been ok really till now,i have a chest infection and really want to stop for good, put me off and take my mind off it please

MamaG Tue 08-Jul-08 18:55:09

if you keep smoking, by the time you are 50 your mouth will look like a cat's bum

brokenbiscuits Tue 08-Jul-08 18:56:05


just stop, before you kill yourself, if you want to die form a early death try skydiving without a parachute or something else more thrilling instead.

butwhybutwhy Tue 08-Jul-08 18:56:34

If you smoke you stink, have yellow fingers, a cough that makes you sound like an old man and it will kill you.

ivykaty44 Tue 08-Jul-08 18:56:37

When Olivia gets married - do you want to help her get dressed that morning? Or do you want her step mother to help her into her dress? sad

theboob Tue 08-Jul-08 18:59:27

Wow , it worked and i feel really guilty now, lol at cats bum

smallwhitecat Tue 08-Jul-08 18:59:27

Message withdrawn

lucyellensmum Tue 08-Jul-08 19:00:37

My dad died from lung cancer and he never met his eight week old grand daughter who he would have adored. He was out of his head with dementia and was no longer my lovely dad, he had vascular dementia and had suffered a heart attack, because he smoked. Categorically told this by the doctors. No messing.

If he never smoked, he would still be here to watch DD at ballet and pick her up from school on her first day. He would get all emotional every time she did something funny, but because he smoked (not particularly heavily either) he will never do that and my daughter will never know her wonderful grand dad.

Please please please for the sake of your children don't smoke that ciggarette.

I have heard that you can get really chesty and its pretty yuck when you first give up, its all the SHIT leaving your chest. Giving up smoking will more or less reduce to nothing any further risk of smoking related disease in the future, it is not too late.

Please do this xxxx

theboob Tue 08-Jul-08 19:07:58

Lucy em , im so sorry for your loss and i wont smoke the fag i think i night need some help from the doctor ,im glad i posted now , Thankyou all x x

colditz Tue 08-Jul-08 19:09:58

If you keep smoking, you are teaching your children that lung cancer is acceptable.

lucyellensmum Tue 08-Jul-08 19:10:20

boob, could you try the boots stop smoking lady? apprently this is very good. I know it is difficult to give up, but it is so worth it. My dad used to say smoking never did him any harm, and he was a healthy man until one day he had pains in his chest, he gave up smoking when they told him it was a heart attack - but it was too late

You are doing the right thing. Be proud.

sophiewd Tue 08-Jul-08 19:14:11

hypnotherapy worked when all else failed with me, also have not watched nearly £1500 go up in smoke lterally since I stopped. DH has stopped as well and we are off on a fab caribean holiday because of it.

colditz Tue 08-Jul-08 19:14:13

As an ex smoker, do you really want to spend £40 a week just to feel normal? It's cheaper to take Ecstasy every night than smoke 20 fags a day.

The feeling of horror and grief will pass. Fags are like an abusive boyfriend - you will miss him initially, but this time in 6 months time, you will wonder why you were with him so long.

lucyellensmum Tue 08-Jul-08 19:14:22

Just looked at your profile, you have lovely children grin

theboob Tue 08-Jul-08 19:18:08

Thankyou i will go to boots tomorrow , my daughter asked me to stop ,she said she did not want me to die it broke my heart,but the cravings are back , im doing this for all my dcs , just needed some encouragement ,its so hard

colditz Tue 08-Jul-08 19:20:26

get some nicotine patches.

theboob Tue 08-Jul-08 19:24:03

I only smoke 5 fags a day so cant really understand why im finding it so hard,all i want to do is eat lol,
Lucyem thankyou im on my mobile so i will have a look at your lovely dd tomorrow x

SpacePuppy Tue 08-Jul-08 19:26:59

try a pinch of salt on your tongue every time you want to smoke, remember it will take time. I stopped by eliminating the catalyst, every time I had a coffee I wanted a smoke so I switched to tea instead.

theboob Tue 08-Jul-08 19:27:29

I will get some patches tomorrow i think it will really help

brokenbiscuits Tue 08-Jul-08 19:29:13

But a five a day is hard because I expect you spread them out through the course of the day as rewards, ie after dinner, one before bed etc. You have to change your routine and try drinking a large glass of water instead when it's that time.

brokenbiscuits Tue 08-Jul-08 19:30:24

I expect some parches will give you more nicotine. Ask the chemist which would be best as you smoke only 5 a day.

charliecat Tue 08-Jul-08 19:31:10 go have a look around and then come back and tell me all the reasons you wanna smoke.

theboob Tue 08-Jul-08 19:32:03

Well the salt worked , all im violini now is errr, lol

theboob Tue 08-Jul-08 19:35:10


ivykaty44 Tue 08-Jul-08 20:14:29

addiction is an addiction however many time you actually smoke does'nt matter the fact is you are addicted in the same way as someone who smokes 60 a day or 20 a day.

glad the salt worked, different things work for different people keep at it and good luck.

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