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Need advice-sick 19month old baby

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Jzee Wed 02-Feb-05 14:14:44

I'm not sure what to do.... this is the 6th day that my baby has been unwell with the following symptoms: Temp rising to 103OF periodically, sweating alot, chesty cough. He has hardly eating for what is now 6 days, but has been drinking fluid -perhaps just enough. I have no faith in our GP ( long story) so instead spoke to the nurse. She said if he isn't better by the weekend to bring him in to the surgery, and with regards to his rise in temp 'kids don't control their body temperature as well as adults'? As this is the 6th day and he doesn't seem any better infact probably weaker without food I am begining to worry, but at the same time don't want to be seen as overeacting. Any advice would be appreciated.

Lonelymum Wed 02-Feb-05 14:22:51

Well, I don't know what is wrong with him, but I want to reassure you about the feeding part: if he is ill (especially with a temperature) he won't want to eat and may not eat much for a week or two. Just keep him on the fluids and keep offering food in case he does want some. I know it seems scary that your baby hasn't eaten for so long but he will make up for it when he is better, believe me.
I would take weekend to mean Friday and get an appointment for that day as I couldn't bear to wait any longer if I were you. The cough and the temperature would suggest he had a chest infection. My son (then aged 22 months) had one at Christmas and I must say anti-biotics worked wonders for him. He was ill as you describe plus he was sick once. Is there another doctor in the same practice you could see instead of your own?

Jzee Wed 02-Feb-05 14:37:15

Thanks lonelymum for your advice and if he's not better by Friday I'll take him to the Doctors. Unfortunately on the two occassions that I rang the Surgery there was only one doctor available and that's the one I really didn't want to see - Obviously if I have no choice on Friday then I'll take him whatever doc is available.

marj Wed 02-Feb-05 15:23:48

Do you have an out of hours service that you could take him to after the surgery is closed? I have done that before when I have been unable to get an appointment.
If he does have a chest infection then the sooner you start antibiotics the better.

ionesmum Wed 02-Feb-05 21:40:00

What are you doing to bring down his temperature? You can give both Calpol and Calprufen, in staggered doses, to a maximum of four Calpol and two or three Calprufen (check the label). Also have your ds in his nappy, and sponge him down with tepid water, keeping him well away from any draughts. My two have had various temperatures, viruses etc all through the winter and following this advice does help. Once the temperature comes down you should find your ds drinks more. Agree with the advice re food - if he wants it, fine, but don't get fussed. And once he is well again expect some constipation.

I don't want to worry you but we took one of our two to the emergency surgery one weekend, and there was a little boy there aged about 18 mo who looked really poorly, very pale and lethargic. The doctor called for an ambulance for him. We were really concerned for the poor little chap and when we saw the doctor ourselves we asked if he would be okay. The doc said that he had a chest infection and should have gone straight to A&E. She also said that once he had fluids and antibiotics he would perk up really quickly, but that earlier treatment would have prevented it getting this far. So if you think your ds isn't looking great (and you know him best of all ) then don't be afraid to go to A&E if you think it necessary. You are not over-reacting if your ds is not well and no-one will think you are.

marj Fri 04-Feb-05 22:02:40

Hi Jzee. Just wondered how you were getting on. Is he feeling better?
Hope things are settling back down for you.

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