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I'm not feeling too good

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rickman Wed 02-Feb-05 12:16:39

Message withdrawn

CountessDracula Wed 02-Feb-05 12:17:38

Indigestion? Heartburn? Trapped wind?

Sounds like one of those to me, they can be VERY painful. Try some antacids

RTKangaMummy Wed 02-Feb-05 12:18:43

have you a temp?

rickman Wed 02-Feb-05 12:21:56

Message withdrawn

colditzmum Wed 02-Feb-05 12:23:05

Kidney infection? Does it really hurt when you press it?

RTKangaMummy Wed 02-Feb-05 12:23:13

strained inter costals

colditzmum Wed 02-Feb-05 12:24:52

With the feeling sick, it definatly sounds like a kidney infection!

RTKangaMummy Wed 02-Feb-05 12:24:53

sorry wrong place

thought you were higher

RTKangaMummy Wed 02-Feb-05 12:26:56


RTKangaMummy Wed 02-Feb-05 12:28:11

does it hurt to wee?

colditzmum Wed 02-Feb-05 12:28:45

You need to go to the doctor, kidney infections can get out of control quite quickly. In the meantime drink half a pint of water every hour at least, every half hour if you can hack it.

Have you seen any blood in your urine? If you have, you need to see a doctor today.

I have not had any medical training bTW, but I have had a kidney infection before, and they sneak up on you really rfast.

RTKangaMummy Wed 02-Feb-05 12:29:38

I am not medical either

Mothernature Wed 02-Feb-05 12:30:28

sorry to hijack but RTKangaMummy you make me laugh, you sound like my mum did.. asking a question then another before first one is answered

rickman Wed 02-Feb-05 12:31:45

Message withdrawn

RTKangaMummy Wed 02-Feb-05 12:32:14

my brian goes into overdrive

Mothernature Wed 02-Feb-05 12:33:31

rickman I would even if its just general advice over the phone,

colditzmum Wed 02-Feb-05 12:33:32

Let us know, I'm worried now!

rickman Wed 02-Feb-05 12:36:04

Message withdrawn

colditzmum Wed 02-Feb-05 12:37:45

Telll them you think you have a kidney infection, and you NEED TO BE SEEN TODAY! I hate drs receptionists

rickman Wed 02-Feb-05 12:43:03

Message withdrawn

colditzmum Wed 02-Feb-05 12:47:37

They would have made you feel like a time waster if you were losing your kidneys out of your @r$e, that's why dr's employ them. Silly cow doesn't live your life, who is she to say what you should and should not have done! Her only qualification is an ability to us a computer, and an (assumed!) skill in keeping her mouth shut!

RTKangaMummy Wed 02-Feb-05 12:48:25

hope the doctor is helpful

the receptionists are there to help you NOT for you to help them

colditzmum Wed 02-Feb-05 12:48:41


grumpyfrumpy Wed 02-Feb-05 12:50:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

colditzmum Wed 02-Feb-05 21:26:07

Are you around , Rickman? How did the doctors go? Did you get to see one?

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