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How do I minimise oedema/feet legs swelling in next pregnancy?

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Gonkster Tue 08-Jul-08 10:08:23

Posted this under Pregnancy topic, but not much luck... sorry if this is wrong topic.

Am thinking about starting to try for next one. DD 7.5mths old. Overall, pregnancy was fine but the last 2 months were less than great (I think most people find this). But I had pretty bad oedema (swelling of hands feet and lower legs). It wasn't related to anything else (blood pressure was perfect etc). But it stopped me from exercising (i.e. even walking to the shops) as it was so painful afterwards I would have to sit with my legs up for hours afterwards. I found it a bit depressing in the end and am sure that the lack of exercise contributed to my difficult birth.

Is there anything I can do to avoid it/minimise it? Could it have been related to something in my diet? I drank lots and lots of water (as I was told to by midwife)

Please - any ideas or help would be lovely.

artichokes Tue 08-Jul-08 10:14:00

I had this in my first pregnancy too (although I later also developed high blood pressure). IMO it is a bit like stretch marks, some people get them, others don't. There are lots of sensible tips: drink lots, put your legs up in the evening, do gentle exercise etc etc etc but I did all of that and had the worst oedema of any pregnant person I know. I thought maybe it was because I also put on alot of weight (nearly 5 stone in total) but that was chicken and egg reasoning as half the weight was retained water.

I am now 18 weeks pregnant with my second and in the evenings I am ALREADY getting slightly swollen ankles sad. This is despite the fact I ahve only gained 5lbs so far. I can only conclude it is in my genes (my mother suffered too).

Gonkster Tue 08-Jul-08 18:19:20


Gonkster Wed 09-Jul-08 23:53:19

Bump again - last time I promise but am desperate for any more advice...

hellion Sat 12-Jul-08 21:46:20

I suffered from Odema in my first pregnancy (but mine was due to pre-emclampsia). However, before I discovered I had PE, I tried some very strange methods.

I heard that eating celery can help water retention, as celery absorbs water. Well I munched and munched so much that it is amazing I didn't start to grow floppy ears and fur. It didn't help - maybe I still wasn't munching enough (lets face it there is only so much celery you can eat).

Another idea I read was to get some big stones and put them in cool water, and massage your feet. Ha - all I ended up with was squashed toes!

I did get some nice foot massage cream from Virgin Vie - didn't really help but made my feet feel nice. Good luck.

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