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If you normally have low blood pressure & it suddenly goes normal, is that then high BP?

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KatyMac Mon 07-Jul-08 21:39:45

I know that sounds cock-eyed but if it's normally always low - then it's normal then surely that is high (if that makes sense?)

LaylaandSethsmum Mon 07-Jul-08 21:41:27

No, high is high regardless of where you satrt from current guidelines are 145/85 and above is classed a raised BP .

bethoo Mon 07-Jul-08 21:41:33

no, just becasue it is higher than what it is normally does not mean you have high blood pressure. there are ranges in which blood pressures are classed so even if it is higher than your norm it is still ok. low blood pressure can be jsut as bad as high.

KatyMac Mon 07-Jul-08 21:43:20


So it wouldn't be the reason I have swollen hands & feet & have headaches & get dizzy then?

Bummer I hoped it was that

bethoo Mon 07-Jul-08 21:44:24

no but go see your gp.
are you pregnant?

KatyMac Mon 07-Jul-08 21:47:17

Went to see my GP - who initially had someone else's record up & argues with me about when I last had my BP taken (he said May I said a year last March hmm) - so once we got that sorted - he took my BP and it was 'normal''s normally very quite low

So he diagnosed stress

(better hadn't be PG, my DH had the snip 7 yrs ago....I could be in big trouble wink)

KatyMac Mon 07-Jul-08 22:00:48

Yeeees But it's in the attic (next time I go up?)- tbh toffee is always a let down - I do a nice toffee rice krispie cake - & a toffee sauce for dipping apples into

Fudge now I can do fudge

KatyMac Mon 07-Jul-08 22:01:22

Wrong thread blush

KatyMac Mon 07-Jul-08 22:14:38

Actually it could be stress couldn't it blush

Miaou Mon 07-Jul-08 22:22:52

hmm, well I have low bp, and I was told that if it went up to normal then it would be raised for me - however this was 12 years ago, by a mw when I was first pg, so may not be right.

KatyMac Mon 07-Jul-08 22:33:44

That's what I thought

When I was PG it went so low they were going to put me in hospital - it went right up to normal then

MrsDaisyFlower Fri 11-Jul-08 01:02:37

hmm - I would look into it actually KatyMac. My mum had very low blood pressure until about 20 years ago when she was hospitalised with an illness - ever since her blood pressure has been in the 'normal' range, she had been back and forth to the Dr as she was concerned about it (headaches, swollen ankles etc). Three years ago she went to see a locum Dr for something else, he looked through her notes and immediately referred her on for blood pressure, even though it is still not into the 'high' range - but because it is high compared to her old readings that were consistently low.

As a result of not receiving treatment for her high blood pressure she has kidney and heart damage. And spent years in unnecessary discomfort. My mother has not yet reached mid-life, and yet she is old and tired as a result of the damage. ...If you are concerned please please don't leave it - push for a better investigation.

The good news is, blood pressure is quite easy to treat with a slight change in diet and a little tablet every day!

nooka Fri 11-Jul-08 01:14:41

I wondered about that too. I had low blood pressure as a child (esp in my teens) and then apparently outgrew it s I now am in the normal range. However I am pretty healthy so not worried. I would ask for further investigations. Headaches and dizziness must be caused by something?

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