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Anyone use starflower oil for PMT?

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AtHomeMum Tue 01-Feb-05 21:02:17

Have bought some starflower oil after reading a few recomendations here & elsewhere - understand it helps with PMT symptoms. My question is when do you take it? Bottle says "many women take it around their monthly period" which seems a bit vague. Would appreciate some help!

munnzieb Tue 01-Feb-05 21:03:43

Hiya, I take it to thin CM (apparentyl it helps with that) I only take it up to the day i'm OV and then stop as we're TTC. (have noticed a diff thou when i take it to when I don't with regards to my moodiness around AF time.)

AtHomeMum Tue 01-Feb-05 21:26:40

thanks - i guess i'll just take it up to AF & see how it goes. Good luck with TTC - i took 27mnths after stopping pill to conceive 1st time. Saw "expert" after having had various test & he recommended an OV prediction kit (clearblue?) and then BD 6 - 8 times in 48 hrs following OV signal - this worked for us 3 times (have dds 7, 5 & 3)

AtHomeMum Tue 01-Feb-05 22:06:30

shameless bump

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