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Colonic Irrigation.....!!

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Bloatedtum Sun 19-Jan-03 19:36:26

Anyone had it done or know anything about it? I'm really ,really tempted but don't know much about it. (yes I have changed my name for this one)

Alibubbles Mon 20-Jan-03 09:49:01

I've been wanting to have it done for ages, but never got round to it. My mother gave me £250 for my birthday to have a course of it as I think you need a few.

I'd love to know too, if anyone has had it done. I think I asked on here a while back and got no response or else we are all too shy to admit it!

aloha Mon 20-Jan-03 10:27:04

I am deeply, deeply sceptical about colonic irrigation (as are the vast majority of doctors). I also think it's so not my thing to have a stranger put a tube up my bum! I felt even more anti after discovering that one of the pioneers of colonic irrigation was a former dominatrix prostitute who used to administer enemas to men as part of her schtick. Apparently that's a real turn on in S&M! I also suspect that it appeals to those with eating disorders (such as Princess Diana) who like to feel purged and empty. There is no recognised medical benefit from it.

donnie Mon 20-Jan-03 11:55:45

I was talking to a friend of mine who had it done and he said after the stuff had been inserted via the tube, he had to roll aroundon the floor so it all 'spread around'in his insides. Then apparently you feel like you really need the toilet but have to hold on for a few mins so it all spreads around. Feeling ill yet ? Finally you arfe allowed to go, after which masses of stuff comes out, at least it did with him, all black and hard apparently !!! the Guardian ran a feature on it last year some time, one of their reporters went to an holistic holiday centre in Thailand or somewhere ; lots of fasting, drinking only weird herbal concoctions followed by several bouts of colonic irrigation. He said he felt fantastic afterwards and lost lots of weight.I am sort of interested but I doubt I'll ever get around to it as it's just that bit too intimate !!!! also I don't really want to know what's lurking up there !!!!!!!!!!

clucks Mon 20-Jan-03 12:05:01

I saw the Thailand programme, and people were retrieving marbles etc. they had swallowed as children. These people had to sieve and examine their irrigated produce. lurrvely...

I think men really like it because it tickles their prostate, without them having to be gay etc. (not sure what etc. should meanhere.)

anais Mon 20-Jan-03 21:09:34

Did anyone see the episode of Jackass recently when they had it done? Or am I the only one who watches that....?!

sb34 Tue 21-Jan-03 23:09:46

Message withdrawn

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