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tixylix cough and cold medicine-anyone found it has caused upset stomach??

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alibo Mon 31-Jan-05 17:49:03

ds is just 12 months, and has got a cold and cough. have given him some tixylix cough and cold medicine for the first time today about 1pm. he slept ok after it, with a bit of coughing,but not as bad as usual. he has just had some readybrek for his tea which he took well, but as i was getting him out of his chair he vomited everywhere! we were both covered in it, and there was even bits in it from his lunch! he has not been sick at all since he started with this cold a week ago. now i'm wondering if the tixylix could have upset his stomach,as this is listed in the side effects. has anyone come accross this? i also have some benylin cold and cough medicine in case the tixylix wasn't any good. don't know whether to give him any at bedtime now, as the cough is waking him through the night. help!!!

alibo Mon 31-Jan-05 23:08:51


valentine Wed 02-Feb-05 23:46:12

I gave my DS tixylix a few mnths ago and he came out instantly in rash aornd his mouth and non his chest - having spoken to the Dr they think he is allergic to the preservatives in it and we should not use it and use another medicine...

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