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Lymphoma - boosting immune system

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WigWamBam Mon 31-Jan-05 17:07:57

My dad is being treated for Lymphoma, and begins chemotherapy this week. His immune system already is very low, and he has been warned that any infection could be dangerous to him. Does anyone know how he can help to boost his immune system?

MancMum Mon 31-Jan-05 17:14:02

according to news this morning = citrus fuits are best for this ...have a look on

WigWamBam Mon 31-Jan-05 17:14:39

Thanks, mancmum, I'll have a look.

CountessDracula Mon 31-Jan-05 17:18:18

He could try juicing as he may well not feel like eating. There are all sorts of delicious juices you can make with a fairly cheap machine that are v good for you

Best of luck to him xx

MancMum Mon 31-Jan-05 17:22:23

sorry - had to stop there befor eI had finished - i have loads fo books on this - will look stuff up later but dark green veg and citrus are the main things.. also some nuts are good... and lean meat and fish..

really hope he is OK with it all as it is very draining - good luck...

happymerryberries Mon 31-Jan-05 17:27:25

When dh had his chemo he was also warned to avoid large gatherings of people, to reduce the chance of him getting an infection.

Hope that things go well. Have you had a look on the Bacup website btw, a very good source of info?

Gobbledigook Mon 31-Jan-05 17:30:29

When my boyfriend had Hodgkins I distinctly remember me ploughing him with all green veg - spinach, broccoli, the lot - I can't remember now but someone must have told us that.

Just logically I would say, yes, keep visitors to a minimum to reduce risk of infection, make sure he rests loads and doesn't try doing jobs etc and eat as much fruit and veg as possible and a variety of colours.

Hope all goes well for him WWB.

Gobbledigook Mon 31-Jan-05 17:31:13

Sorry, when I say colours I mean the fruit and veg! Yellow peppers, tomatoes, spinach....

WigWamBam Mon 31-Jan-05 17:42:51

Thank you all ever so much. I had a look at the bacup site when he was first diagnosed with cancer in October, I shall have to go back and refresh my memory again.

Polgara2 Thu 03-Feb-05 23:17:49

just seen this - mil swore that Biostrath liquid helped fil when he had chemo.

WigWamBam Thu 03-Feb-05 23:25:25

Thanks - from a pharmacy or a health-food shop?

Swilt Fri 04-Feb-05 09:11:53

I remember reading once that vitamin c tablets might help during chemo, but I think you had to have fairly big doses for it to have much impact.

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