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Think I had a reaction to balloons

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Hayls Mon 31-Jan-05 14:40:37

Hope this doesn't sound too strange but on Saturday night we were preparing for dd's bday party and sticking balloons up everywhere. I didn't blow any up as dh had a pump but I was handling them. Suddenly it felt as though my throat was being constricted - I could breath but it felt like it wasn't all going down my throat IFKWIM) and my face started tingling. I felt quite flushed and got really panicky. Dh was insisting on taking me to A&E but as suddenly as it started it began to die down again. We got rid of the balloons and I've been fine sine but am a bit worried as I've heard that if an allergy is triggered the second reaction can be much more severe. I've never had this kind of reaction before although I am allergic to metals in jewellery and watches etc. (inlcuding plastic watch straps) I'm sure it was the balloons, although it did seem to only start when we opened the 2nd pack, which were different with lettering on them- any link?
Any advice would be much appreciated (sorry at work so haven't read this through)

HunkerMunker Mon 31-Jan-05 14:55:49

Latex allergy is relatively common - would google it for you, but DS has just woken up! HTH a bit though xxx

Chickyboo Mon 31-Jan-05 15:01:26

Cannot beleive I had a similar reaction.. not as extreme though. 2 years ago I started blowing up balloons for New Years eve party and I started to wheeze (i'm asthmatic) and then my lips started tingling and before I knew my lips blew up I looked just like Jackie Stallone, it sounds funny but it is scary. I was told I have latex allergy, also have nickel and other minor allergies. This has also happened with rubber gloves nearly had to have wedding ring cut off finger it was so swollen.

Snugs Mon 31-Jan-05 15:08:27

If you do have a latex allergy, it is a good idea to get one of those SOS/MedAlert type bracelets.

My cousin has a latex allergy. A few years ago, he was KO'd in an accident and taken to hospital unconscious. Ended up having severe reaction in A&E dept as all the staff wore latex gloves. Luckily one of the staff was on the ball and realised in time what was causing the problem. Now wears bracelet to alert staff if anything similar happens again.

Hayls Mon 31-Jan-05 15:15:21

I've made an appt with gp tomorrow to get some advice and maybe a skin test for allergies.
Snugs, that's such a good idea about the bracelet, I'd never thougth about it. Funnily enough whenever I've worn rubber gloves in the past my hands have always been itchy afterwards (always get horrible broken skin on my hands anyway from all the washing up and cleaning I do so wouldn't know if I had a reaction from the gloves) I've had a quick look on Google and it seemed to be aimed more at healthcare professionals who wear latex gloves.
Thanks fro advice

misdee Mon 31-Jan-05 15:28:46

think bobthebaby son has latex allergy. try the allergy board.

Chocol8 Mon 31-Jan-05 18:58:30

Hayls - one of my colleagues went on a first aid course last week and latex allergy was mentioned as part of the course - it now apparently affects something like 54% of the population!

As a result they now recommend the use of vinyl gloves in first aid boxes instead of latex.

JJ Mon 31-Jan-05 19:11:23

For my son, panicking is part of an anaphylactic reaction. In fact, if he's having a reaction, but not terrified, I don't take him to the ER. (Happened two weeks ago and he was fine -- he had massive hives all over, very weird and itchy, but at the tail end of being sick. Gave him antihistamines and he was ok.)

I mean that as 'I take panicking very seriously'. If he weren't covered in hives, but had a panic attack with mild allergic symptoms (yours weren't mild, btw!) I'd EpiPen him. It has been the most consistent factor in a bad attack.

jampots Mon 31-Jan-05 19:26:07

can you describe hives JJ as sometimes for no apparent reason I develop a horrid rash usually on tops of my arms, tops of my legs, back and torso which comes on really quickly. Usually coupled with this I also have a bit of a poorly tummy (as in - need to go now!!) and can feel a little jittery too. According to the doc Im not intolerant to any foods but am allergic to grass pollen (like I didnt know)

misdee Mon 31-Jan-05 21:21:03

its like a nettle rash, or can be larger whiter raised area of skin, usually with pink ring round them.

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